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Good advice on the bus

On the #10 bus the other day I saw this sign above the exit door …. good advice to remember as you’re stepping out into the world or returning to your home: “If you want to improve the world, give love to your children. It’s free!”

Good advice

A Tree Grows Around It

If you take the bus in Buenos Aires, which you should do sometime, you will have discovered that some of the bus stops are hard to find. Some bus stops, like for the #10, are indicated by no more than a little sticker slapped on a utility pole. Over the last year I’ve been observing this bus stop sign that is being slowed enveloped by a tree. Earlier this month I finally got around to taking a photo.

A tree grows around it

Actually, I don’t think that this stop is still in service. It’s on Av Chile near Puerto Madero and just around just around the corner from an interesting set of abandoned buildings that Robert talks about over at line of sight.

Look closely at the top of the sign and notice how the tree is pushing the letter “R” off the sign.

A tree grows around it

Things tourists don’t do in Buenos Aires

I came across a posting about riding the bus as one of the things that tourists don’t do in Buenos Aires. I suspect that’s true for the most part. I highly recommend that visitors give the buses a chance.

But as everyone knows figuring out which bus to take is very confusing, but this post does a pretty good, illustrated job of explaining how to ride the bus in Buenos Aires.

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