May 2008

Catastrophe at Bolivar & Independencia

I don’t have much time for blogging lately, but this can’t go unmentioned….another sad episode for the City that Fades Away series.


and a different angle…these photos were taken on a hot summer day, late January 2007…inthe photo below, also note the small house next to the one on the corner.


Two buildings and an impressive mural…all illegally demolished. One of the buildings was the home of Pedro Benoit, architect and urban planner.

This deserves a much more extensive post, more than I have time for at the moment, but for those who read Spanish you can find more here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here.

This afternoon at 5pm there will be an event protesting the demolition.

accidentally deleted some comments in WordPress

Guess I’m still getting adjusted to the WordPress 2.5 admin interface (only fellow WordPress bloggers will understand)…I just accidentally deleted the last 25 comments from this blog. Damn. Sorry about that to those who left comments.

I hate how the new admin dashboard interface displays the comments awaiting moderation in the same list as the approved comments. I’ve been too tempted to click on the select all button (like I do when I only go to the awaiting moderation screen).

Anyway back to Buenos Aires posting soon….and even more frequent backups. I also should remember to be more awake when I moderate comments.

Late Saturday afternoon at Britanico

Opposite me in Britanico a man sits, tapping his fingers against the table while assorted persons wander in and out of the café selling pens, socks, jewelry, and religious pendants.

Later, a young African man with his dark sales case containing necklaces, rings, and watches enters through the corner doorway and walks directly towards the elderly woman sitting to my left. She has too much rouge on her cheeks. The African leans over and greets her with a kiss.

A regular customer of his, I assume, but today, after reviewing the merchandise in the case lined with red velvet, she buys nothing.

The African approaches me with a smile.