Last Friday for the May 25 holiday we ventured out to San Telmo (how I miss living there) to dine at El Histórico. (I forgot to bring a camera.) We enjoyed the food very much & the building is fascinating. It deserves an entire post all about the place, but I don’t have time for that now. Meanwhile, here’s an article about restaurante El Histórico with photos & video from

Mila (who is 17 months old today) enjoyed it, also. We went early & were actually the only customers in the restaurant for most of the time. Who eats dinner in Buenos Aires at 8pm?! Well, that’s helpful when out with a very young child. Since we had the whole place to ourselves, I carried Mila in my arms and showed her around. She pointed out a lot of different artefacts & asked questions in her soft, babbling baby voice.