Italian Immigration to Argentina

One of my particular topics of interest is immigration to Argentina, particularly Eastern European, Jewish or Italian immigration but also from other countries (Irish, British, or I guess just about anywhere). I’m always interested in reading personal stories of immigration to Argentina.

As I was browsing the bookstores on Corrientes yesterday, I came across a book that is a fascinating history of Italians in Argentina, appropriately named Historia de los italianos en la Argentina.

The book (almost 500 pages) is a scholarly study of the topic by Fernando Devoto, a history professor at the University of Buenos Aires who for more than 25 years has been researching Italian immigration to Argentina. Yet, the book is still very readable and informative for anyone interested in this topic.

The book starts with the early migration under Rosas but focuses on the height of Italian immigration to Argentina in the late 1800s and early 1900s. An entire chapter is devoted to the institutions of the Italians in Argentina, e.g, the mutual associations, hospitals, and clubs. There are numerous short profiles of Italian-Argentine intellectuals, scientists, and professionals that contributed to the development of Argentina. Also, a section covers the role of Italians in the Argentine left, the workers movement, and anarchism. Later chapters cover the period between the two world wars (which includes a section on fascism and Italian communities in Argentina), and the last chapter is from 1945 to the present.

Last night I only had time to browse through the book and read a few sections but I’m really looking forward to reading more of it. As I progress through the book, I’ll post a few bits of relevant commentary to the blog. But if you’re Argentine-Italian or interested in Argentine history, then this is a good book for your collection.

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  1. uk visa on

    I’m told by friends in Napoli that many of the Italians who emigrated to Buenos Aires were from Napoli.
    I’m not sure what was driving people from Napoli at that time but I look forward to hearing more from you about the book…

  2. Jeff on

    Quite a bit of the book contrasts experiences of Italians in Argentina with Italians immigrants in the U.S., particularly New York.

    A lot of Italian immigrants to Argentina were from Genoa. One of the things I definitely would like to learn more is about the location of origins. I’ll keep an eye out for Naples in my readings.

    That site on Irish coming to Latin America is great, full of information.

  3. Gricelle on

    Many of the italian immigrants who came here to New York were Sicilian. That’s what I was told.

    I’ve never met an Argentine Italian but I have met plenty of American Italians and IMO they seem to be different.

  4. Jean on

    My great aunt and uncles went to Argentina from Italy around the 1890’s. I have been trying to find thier families. I have searched the web for this book but it is very hard to find.
    Thanks for your site!!!

  5. Agustina on

    I ma an ARGENTINIAN /ITALIANNN!!LOL, my mom’s side comes from Santa Margarita ligure!
    I whern to an italian school in Mendoza, Argetnina!
    i feel very strong about my roots, i thisnk that’s why argetnianians have a funny laied back accent is sounds a lot like italian!
    enjoy the book!

  6. Roberta on

    I have some ancestors emigrated to Argentina, I am now trying to locate them. Is there any website I can surf in search of surnames and places. Thank you. GRAZIE from Italy (Piemonte)

  7. Bob on

    I am also trying to find out about my grandparents who emigrated to Argentina (Rosario?)in the early 1890’s. There names were Cristofaro & Rosaria Giacini. They were from Gangi, Sicily and stayed in Argentina about 5-10 years before returning to Sicily. They than emigrated to New York, USA in 1913.

  8. Russ on

    Does Argentina have a website like our Ellis Island website that you can search passenger lists? I have been searching for my Great Aunt’s family who came from Partanna Sicily in the 1900’s. Last name Guzzo. Had a brother that went to America named Rosario in 1902.

  9. Mauro Nanni on

    My father’s oldest brother emigrated from Rimini to Argentina may be in the first-second decade of 1900, but after some years he arrived there he stop to send any letter to his italian family so nobody know when and where he died and if he had a family in Argentina. His name was Antonio NANNI. I would like to receive some informations about him and his family. Many, many thanks in advance.


    I’m argentinian, I have italian blood. About 85% of the people of my city have italian blood, the most from Sicilia 8like me) and from Napoli, te reason was simple, back then Argentina was a rich and scarse populated country with all it’s future ahead, everything was to be done. Europe was in going to war and famine, and in Italia Argentina was known as a paradise land for them to come, the argentine goverment needed workers for the land as this is a big country mostly sustained by agricultury, so they started trading inmigrants for corn to Italia, as they came here with european techniches for the land farming, they were kinda the slave low race back then, my grandparets came with about 12 years and didn’t know how to read and write, come with, as they say here “nono (granpa in italian), came here with one hand covering him forward and one covering him behind”. The dialect we speak here is the most similiar accent to Napoli’s way of speaking and many of the Argentine slang (lunfardo) terms are italian origin.

  11. Jeff on

    @Mauro – I hope that you find some info about your ancestors. Good luck.

    @Alessandro – Thanks for your comment.

  12. Martin Dorans on

    My Italian grandfather immigrated to Buenes Aires in 1949/50 from Villanova, I am trying to find out what happened to him as last contact was in 1950. He was a prisoner of war in Scotland during world war 2 and had a daughter with a local girl, regular correspondance was received until the end of 1950. Any help would be appreciated, thanks Martin

  13. Fr.Bill Sangiovanni on

    I am trying to trace family that settled from Italy to Argentina,They came from San Pietro al Tanagro,Province of Salerno to Argentina probably in early 1900’s or 1890’s.My grandmothers sisters were among them-one was named Serafina.I would be grateful for anyones help/They may have married a Padula Contact me with any info please.
    Father Bill Sangiovanni

  14. Mascia on

    Hey to Mauro Nanni, there is an italo-argentine woman with your last name from Argentina who married an italo-argentinean soccer player (Cannigia) maybe you are related to her lol
    anyways im like other millions italian descent argentioneans and very proud of my roots! my great grandparents came to argentina in 1890 from foggia,puglia and napoli, so anybody with my last name who knows of relatives who went to argentina we might be related..if you know any antonio mascia let me know lol, the other last names I am related to are: are Iannantuoni, montagno and bredice.

  15. susana t .giannoni deferrari on

    great place to fined some one… is face book, is great ,i have italian blood ,and i love it,i born in argentina i find that a a lot of italian inmigrants ,specialy from genoa ,like a big comunnity friends ,and family.from mercedez, buenos aires ,brazil ,uruguay.ther are many ways for enybody to look in the web
    i am having so much fun .there is a ancestors in the web look for it.ok i am looking for giannoni & defferrari,and i am planning to go and see part of itali . genoa ……i hope i can meet any one from my roots.i wish you all a lot of luck

  16. strongoli giuseppe on

    Io sto srivendo la storia del nome Strongoli,vorrei avere notizie degli emigrati in Argentina e le loro origini. non siamo molti ,penso 150 nel mondo in Argentina poche famiglie ,provenienti da Italia,penso Vibo valenzia o campania.un saluto ed un abbraccio ,attendo notizie Giuseppe

  17. Liliana on

    Im looking for the family of my great grandmother, Carmela Zagami. She left Fiumefreddo, Sicily in 1913 & emigrated to Argentina after the death of her 1st husband. Her 1st child remained in Sicily with family. I am that 1st child’s descendant. She married again in Argentina to someone possibly called Mr Cioffi or similar? Carmela had at least 2 more children. Hoping to locate them or their children to find out more about Carmela’s life and theirs. If anyone has any suggestions for finding them it would be appreciated. Thanks

  18. lorell on

    Im trying to research my father in laws Giuseppe Pantaleone family tree. He was born in Lanciano Italy but now lives in Australia. Giuseppe has 2 uncles and 1 aunty that immigrated to Argentina in the 1920s their names are Domenico Pantaleone, Francscio Pantaleone, and Concetta (not sure of married name). I have searched many avenues/passenger list etc but are not getting very far. Can anyone help.

  19. Carol on

    Eugenio Rossi Lanzoni was born in Filonica, Italy and immigrated to Argentina about 1900, became a citizen then immigrated to USA. Is there any immigration records in Argentina and ship manifests showing who was on the ships from Italy?
    Eugenio had a brother (possibly was Vincenzio) who stayed in Argentina and I would like to find any relations that we have there. How can I find info.

  20. Gene Durso on

    My grandfather came from Strongoli, Italy. His brothers I believe settled in Argentina. I would love to connect with someone else who either lives or lived in Strongoli. My Grandmother came from San Nicole Dell Alto… near by.. Any information would be appreciated.

    (Mio nonno è venuto da Strongoli, Italia. I suoi fratelli credo costante in Argentina. Mi piacerebbe in contatto con qualcuno che vive o ha vissuto sia a Strongoli. Mia nonna proveniva da San Nicole Dell Alto … vicino .. Qualsiasi informazione sarebbe apprezzato.)

  21. Nicholas Guzzo on

    Hi there i am Nicholas Guzzo. i am looking for my long lost ansesters and releatives. i am the son the Fiano guzzo who is the son of frank and calorina guzzo. plese help me find my ansesters

  22. Aldo Alberto Pandolfi on

    Un gusto enviar esta nota y aprovecho para felicitarlos por la terea.Soy Aldo Alberto Pandolfi de Leones, Córdoba, Argentina. Mi padre fue un inmigrnate italiano del año 1922 llamado Andino Pandolfi que había nacido en Pollenza, Macerata en el año 1911. Mi abuelo, su padre, fue Enrique Egidio Pandolfi también naciod en Pollenza en 1873;mi abuela Gentilina Sparvole nacida en Macerata en 1879. Mi abuelo materno Pascual Visconti nacido en Macerata en 1882 y mi abuela materna Palmira Mariani nacida en Tolentino en 1884.Para los que se puedan interesar informo que desarrollo un trabajo en blog denominado LOS PANDOLFI EN EL MUNDO, al que se puede ingresar con ese título o el del sitio web, urilizando cualquiera de los buscadores. Gracias.-

  23. luigi c barbato on

    looking for info re my brothers family he would be over 100 yrs old if by some chance he was still with us his name was giuseppe pepino morena he had a daughter whos name was i think pia i would any possible leads

  24. lesley nolan on

    Hi, My great uncle was a famous tenor in Italy in 1930’s and somehow ended up in Buenos Aires where he made more records, and died there in 1973. Any suggestions how to get information? My concern is some suggestion he may have been a facsism sympathizer and went to Buenos Aires during WWII because Peron and Argentina were nazi friendly. Hoping he was not a nazi or Mussolini sympathizer…His name was Emilio Livi.

  25. Jeff on

    @Lesley: It’s probably difficult to find more info without coming down to Buenos Aires. But here you would probably be able to find info about his recordings and some performances from the local archives.

    A lot of Italians emigrated to Argentina during and after World War II. I know some of them personally & can confirm that not all were fascists or Mussolini sympathizers. (Yet, of course, there were a number that were and fascism did receive a welcoming embrace in Argentina.) However, many Italians simply came here for economic reasons: Argentina, at that time, had a much better economy. Plus, Argentina already had a large tradition of Italian immigrants, so Buenos Aires was a very easy place for Italians to fit in. Unless your great uncle was a member of a pro-fascist organization or had written about the topic, then whatever anyone says is mere speculation.

  26. mara manfrin on

    Hi all,
    I live in Australia and I am trying to find out about my grandfather who emigrated to Argentina (Buenos Aires) around 1929 -1930. His name was Celeste LORA. He was a foreman erecting mausoleums in cemetries – any help would be greatly. appreciated.

  27. Adriana on

    i’m from argentina living in the u.s. for fourty years. my fathers side of the family immigrated to argentina in the late 1800 to early 1900. last names associated with my family are, mauro,croce,caballo and porporato. most settled near mar chiquita. they were from northern italy, i have to located the name of the town.any of these names sound familiar let me know.

  28. Michael Graves (Gravallese) on

    Families were often split in the Italian emmigration of the late 1800s and early 1900s. My aunts husband came the the United States, but he had a brother who went to Argentina. The family name was originally Andreano. His real first name was Pellegrino, but he went by Joseph here in the U.S. He came from the town of Molinaro, Benevento, Campania.

  29. Alana Zerjal-Mellor on

    I am looking for relatives who migrated to argentina from Trieste between 1920 and 1940. Their surname is Zizmond and the family comes form the area around trieste, in particular from Volca Draga.
    I would bi interested in any information. thankd you alana

  30. Linda LeCropane on

    Interested in Licropani or Cosenza relatives who emigrated to Argentina from Tarsia/Terranova da Sibari (Calabria) circa 1890’s to early 1900’s. Family separated when my grandparents came to the US and siblings/cousins went to Argentina.

  31. Liz on

    I am interested in locating ‘passenger lists’ or any information of displaced people travelling on the “General Black” to South America. The ship departed I believe from Napoli early in 1948 stopped in February of 1948 in Peru and proceeded to Argentina. Would appreciate any information on this voyage, passenger list or any information. Thank you.

  32. Rose Chiverton on

    I am looking for Giovanni Ziliotto born 26.1.1898 who went to Buenos Aires in the 1930s. From Maserad DEl Piave. He was a chef. He fell in love with a lady who had land and wanted to marry her. She contacted the police in Maserada Sul piave to find out he was married. He was sent back to Italy about 1933.

  33. paolo on

    To all enthusiast.
    i’m trying to find infos on TRIO LESCANO,a famous italian group that came to Argentina postwar to work for RADIO EL MUNDO around 1948-1953.
    Any info,photo,newspaper will be of great help.
    check our site ,for links and contacts.
    Many Thanks

  34. Strongoli Giuseppe on

    Buenos días a todos, Estoy terminando mi investigación en Strongoli
    mondo.In Argentina me olvido de sólo tres datos persone.Mi puede decir dónde
    Puedo encontrar la lista de muertes en la Argentina en Buenos Aires. Gracias

  35. Miran on

    I am looking for iformations of my grandfather who migrated to Argentina from Aidussina (Gorizzia) between 1926 and 1927.
    His surname and name is Bolcina Giovanni.

    Thank you for any information. Miran

  36. Rita M on

    I have been trying to learn more about my grandmother’s family — the Palmieris and the Bozios — who may have migrated from the Campania region of Italy, to Argentina, and then to the United States where they arrived in 1904. I keep coming to this link, which does not work. Does anyone know of another link to this data that DOES work?

  37. Rita on

    I am interested in reading this book about the History of Italian Immigration in Argentina however I can only find it in Spanish and not English. Does an English version exist and if so how can I purchase it. Thanks. Rita

  38. Rogelio Molini on

    Can anyone at all tell me if a Louis (or maybe Luis or Luigi) Molini immigrated via Buenos Aires in 1879? He was born in 1853 in Casalino, Montoggio, Genoa to parents Jose (maybe Giuseppe)Molini and Jeronima Duke. Strange last name, I don’t know why but that is the only info I have.
    Help me please :)

  39. Rogelio Molini on

    Oh yeah I forgot to mention, I know only that Louis Molini married in Cuatro Cienegas, Coahulia, Mexico. I just don’t know how he got there, and what was his Port of Entry.

  40. Jeanette Verderosa on

    Where can I find out information about my grandfather and grandmother, Paul and Antionette Verderosa. They lived in Argentina, went back to Italy and emigrated to NYC.

    Thank you.

  41. Kevynne on

    My great grandmother was Lucia Pettoni and she married Charles Reader. She was born c 1870 in Italy , I have been told in the North of Italy.By 1895 she had immigrated but I don’t know as yet where to.
    I would like to find if anyone knows of this family in Argentina.

  42. Strongoli Giuseppe on

    Grazie per la collaborazione ,ho quasi terminato la mia ricerca,ancora pochi dettagli.A presto Strongoli Giuseppe

  43. Gianfranco Amendola on

    I am interested in finding my roots . I have been tracing my family tree it has led me to my grandfather who was born January 8, 1891 and his brothers Gennaro, Francesco, Vincenzo and Raffaele.
    I think Gennaro went to Argentina first and was followed by Francesco and maybe Vincenzo and Raffaele and finaly by my grandfather Bruno Amendola , I Know my grandfather went back to Cosenza Italy but did spend a few years with his brthers in Argentina , his brothers stayed and live in Argentina. I am pretty sure they settled in Buenos Aries .
    My grandfather and his brothers who went to Buenos Aries Argentina Came from a town called Fiumefreddo Bruzio possiblely an area called
    ( piro or San biase or Longobardi ) Cosenza Italy between 1900 and 1930 .
    If anyone has information that could fill in some blanks for me, I would greatly appreciate their help.
    I could be reached at my Email address at

    Thank you Kindly
    Gianfranco Amendola

  44. Marg on

    Looking for information regarding my husbands Grandmother. Her name was Maria Strafaci or Strafacee. She was born in Italy…possibly Longobucco in Calabria. Her father and possibly her mother sailed to S. America. Not sure where. They never returned to Italy. Maria was raised by her grandmother. Firstname of grandmother was Filmina. Not sure of spelling.Maria Strafaci was born Oct 15.1885 or 1886. Any information would be helpful.

  45. Carol Crespi Green on

    I would be interested to know if you have any resources, including the book, which might mention a Vincenzo? Crespi who immigrated to Buenes Aires in the late 1800’s. He is supposed to have owned a hat factory. I do have a picture here but no details. Thanks for any info.

  46. Michelle on

    I am looking for information on my great great grandfather Salvatore Licata who emigrated from Italy via Naples to Argentina. I found him listed as arriving 13 Nov 1904 on ship named Provence. Have been unable to find such a ship (only La Provence was built later than 1904). Salvatore Licata had a produce stand and re-married and had several children. My father was told that he had some very beautiful cousins in Argentina. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  47. Wanda Maria on

    I am looking for information about my grandfather Vincenzo Greco, born in Cosenza 15 january 1900, he emigrated to Rosario, Argentina end of 1920 or early 1921, from Naples,Italy with the ship,Il Conte di Bianca Mano, this is the only information we have about him, if anyone know how can I find out any information please let me know. Thank you.

  48. Giorgio DiZepeddi on

    Hello! My name is Giorgio I’m an American born to Argentinian/Italian parents! I’m trying to find out what happend to my grandfather? His name was Gugliermo alessandro DiZepeddi.. He originally left Naples Italy in 1908 on a ship named massimo emperatore bound for Peru and later Argentina. He arrived in Argentina and settled in the province of Entre Rios and married my grandma also an Argentinian/Italian named Maria elizabetta Franco!! He disappeared around 1940 three years after my dad was born and supposedly ran off with his mistress a woman named Francesca rinaldi never to be seen again! Some of my family thinks he went back to Italy but there’s no record of it.. If anyone has any info or tips on how to find out, it would be appriciated very much!!

  49. Christina on

    I am also looking for relatives that left from Sicily in 1915 and immigrated. Some went to New York City and some to Argentina. They are the Della Universita family. I have been searching for a while. This information is hard to find. ANY info would be greatly appreciated!

  50. maria del rio -rumbaitis on


    Hola, hello!

    Soy tucumana, Argentina, vivo en Miami. Estoy tratando de encontrar los antecedentes de mi abuela Asuncion Franceschi. Imigraron a Argentina cuando ella tenia 18 anos seria por ahi de 1880. Vivio en Tucman, Argentina y se caso con Serapio del Rio, espanol, que iba en le mismo barco que ella a la Argentina. Es cierto que todos los Franceschi son de Milan? Tendria que escribir a primas en Tucuman que vivieron con mi abuela por mas datos. Casualmente mi hija me invito a viajar a Italia por primera vez y eligio Milan. Quizas no sea casual!, maria y gracias por dar detalles!

  51. Gianfranco Amendola on

    Gianfranco Amendola:
    May 31st, 2010 at 11:57 am

    I am interested in finding my roots, I have been researching my family tree it has led me to my grandfather who was on born January 8, 1891 and his brothers Gennaro born 1880, Francesco born 1885, Raffaele born 1887 and Vincenzo born 1889.
    I think Gennaro went to Pennsylvania first and was followed by Francesco and maybe Vincenzo and Raffaele and finally by my grandfather Bruno Amendola , They later went to Argentina, I Know my grandfather went back to Cosenza Italy but did spend a few years in Pennsylvania USA and then in Argentina , his brothers stayed and live in Argentina. I am pretty sure they settled in Buenos Aries .
    My grandfather and his brothers who went to the USA arriving on the S.S.EUROPA in 1909, and then travelling to Buenos Aries Argentina came from a town called Fiumefreddo Bruzio Cosenza possibly an area called( piro or San biase or Longobardi ) Cosenza Italy between 1900 and 1930 .
    If anyone has information that could fill in some blanks for me, I would be so thankful for all the help.
    I could be reached at my Email address at

    Thank you
    Gianfranco Amendola

  52. Dan Eddine on

    My ancestors Santiago Salice & Filemona Morandi migrated from Italy to Argentina and I’m trying to trace others family members in there. I don’t know if you can of help.
    Many thanks.

  53. Molini on

    Estoy tratando de armar arbol genealogico de familia Molini emigrantes de Italia a la provincia de San Juan, Argentina, gracias.

  54. Maria B on

    Very interesting article! My name is María, I’m from Argentina and as you all I’m trying to find some hints of my grandfather’s inmigration to Argentina nearly the 1900-1910. His surname & mine (of course) is Buttironi, he was from the region of Como lake in the border with Switzerland.
    Hope to find some more clues 😉

  55. Maria B on

    To Michele from comment number 53, in which website or place did you research the listing of the incoming ships from Italy. Hope you see this message, would be very helpful

  56. flavia elenio on

    searching for my husbands 2 uncles – liberato elenio – not sure of other’s first name -same lastname. departed Naples,Italy around 1910 to 1920’s? were never heard from since they left -destination was Argentina. do not know name of ship
    the other 2 brothers went to NewZealand & US before their departure If you can help e-mail me
    Any websites would be appreciated – incoming ships from naples

  57. Yuffida on

    hello. I am researching my family name Yuffrida of Italy but I am finding it is from Argentina also. Has anyone come across this name before?


  58. Trish Giuffrida on

    Yuffirda- Are you sure?
    Could it be Giuffrida
    I am looking for my relatives from Sicily to Argentina

  59. Mike Skamperle on

    I am tracing my grandmother (nonna) who immigrated to Argentina during WWII. Her name is Francesca Skamperle from Senozece Yugoslavia. Born 27-1-1911 and died 24-7-1995. I believe her brother was also in Argentina and his name is Franc. My father went to school in Trieste I believe.


  60. Yuffida on

    #65 Trish, not too sure. my grandfather went by Yuffrida when he came here and never changed it. Are you researching Guiffrida?

  61. v de pino on

    my grandfhater emigrated from italy in 1919to ar gentina lived in buenos aires perish in 2 05 1950is name was de pino vincenzo

  62. Ron Giebel on

    We would like to have any information on Augusto Duminuco, who emigrated from Sarradifalco, Sicily about 1920’s or 30’s.

  63. Mary Ann on

    This is in reply to Roberta’s comment(from 2008)where she says: “I have some ancestors emigrated to Argentina, I am now trying to locate them. Is there any website I can surf in search of surnames and places. Thank you. GRAZIE from Italy (Piemonte)”. My own ancestors left Piemonte sometime in the late 1800’s and went to La Plata, provincia de Buenos Aires. My great grandmother was born in Torino. Her father was a textile factory owner in Piemonte, I think in or nearby Torino, and her mother was a French milliner. My great grandmother’s sister Eugenia was born in Milan.
    Thank you, Grazie, from Arlington, Virginia.

  64. Vlado on

    I know that i am on the wrong website but I am looking for information for my greatgranfather Naumovic Slave born in Lera Yugoslavia in 1910,who emigrated from there in 1930 or 1931 from Italy? or Greece? not sure in Buenos aires Argentina.
    Any information would be helpfull or websites would be appreciated THANK YOU A LOT

  65. Arturo on

    We are looking for information regarding the father and grandfather Salvatore Giargiari from Messina, Italy, immigrated to Argentina aboard Ammiraglio Bettolo around 1927, which sailed from the port of Palermo.He was shoemaker.
    Any information would be helpfull. Thank You.

  66. Salvatore Lanzieri on

    My family came over srom Scafati and Puglianello both small towns outside Napoli during the mass migration 1880-1920 to New York then to New Haven,Conn.Whats the most amazing thing to me is how many left Italy during that time.Such a small country so many left! My grandparents on both sides came with nothing but a dream of a better life and a fair shot. And thats what they got.I was told i had lots of distant cousins in Argentina and Venezuela.I’m glad my people chose Ellis Island.

  67. Imma Grosso on

    I am looking for my uncle emigrated to Buenos Aires before the war from Buonvicino – Italy, his name is Gaetano Grosso, son of Giuseppe and Maria Antonia, younger brother to Lucrezia and older brother to my father, Salvatore. He was born in between 1913 and 1919. Any information at all would be most helpful and appreciated. Thank you Imma

  68. Imma Grosso on

    Me llamo Immacolata Grosso Cauteruccio
    Estoy buscando mi tío Gaetano Grosso. Encontré en las Paginas Blancas de Argentina vuestra dirección.
    Mi tío emigró antes de la guerra de Buonvicino, Cosenza – Italia hasta Buenos Aires – Argentina. No tengo ninguna dirección suya ni su número de teléfono.
    Él es hijo de Giuseppe Grosso y Maria Antonia. Hermano menor de Lucrezia, nacido en el 1913 y hermano mayor de Salvatore, mi padre, nacido el 25.05.1919.
    Mi tío nació entre estas fechas pero no se la fecha exacta. Su hermana y su hermano, mi padre, emigraron a Inglaterra – Bedford- después de la guerra.
    Mi padre se casó con Rosaria Cauteruccio y tiene 3 hijos, Antonietta nacida el 29.06.1951 en Buonvicino, Giuseppe nacido el 19.02.1953 y yo, nacida el 7.12.1956 en Bedford- Inglaterra.
    Su hermana Lucrezia se casó con Sinibaldi Magurno y tienen cinco hijos Maria, Giglia, Vincenzo e Mario, gemelos, y creo que la última hija se llama Antonietta.
    No sé nada más y nunca conocì a mis abuelos paternos nì a mi tio por eso querría saber mucha más informaciones.
    Mi contactos son
    Espero que puedas ayudarme de algún modo.
    Muchas gracias.

  69. Melanie Mars on

    Hello. My grandfather Nicola Margiotti from Cersosimo Italy had three brothers who went to Argentina to settle late 1890s. My grandfather came to America.
    I would love to find any relatives. My contact is

  70. Massimo on

    Yeah, i just wanted to say i’m half Italian but have no Argentina blood in me ( that i’m aware of) but i do have Guyanese blood in me, kinda interesting

  71. Gabriela on

    Hi all!
    I’m a student conducting a research project on the cross-cultural encounters between Italian immigrants in Argentina between the 1870s and 1920s. Does anyone know of any accessible databases that provide historical collections of any useful primary sources such as
    -photographs (particularly of italians and argentines interacting)
    -newspaper articles about the italian immigrants or news about La Boca and it’s majority Italian population
    -the history of Plaza Italia in Mendoza and it’s monuments commemorating Italian immigrants
    -anything really interesting like advertisements that encouraged Italians to travel to Argentina. Please let me know if anyone has found anything that would really would be helpful!


    Grazie Mille!

  72. Eola Delpui on

    Hi this is a response to Mary Ann and Roberta’s response: My grandfather also went to Argentina from Piemonte Cuneo. His name was Giorgio Delpui son of Jiovani Delpui and Katherina Simondi . Please contact me if this information is useful…My email is

  73. Elisabeth DiPinto-Moss on

    I am looking for any information regarding a Di Pinto family in Argentina. My great grandfather, Antonio Di Pinto, emigrated to the US (Delaware) in 1910 form Montenero di Bisaccia via Naples. His brother (first name unknown) and his family, emigrated to Argentina at the same time. My great grandmother (Marianina Zara) and my grandfather (Nicola Di Pinto) emigrated to the US in 1922. Unfortunately, Antonio died in 1924 and eft little information on his brother in Argentina. Anyone with information, please feel free to contact me.


  74. Strongoli Giuseppe on

    Doy las gracias a todos los que me ayudaron a reconstruir la historia
    Strongoli familias en la Argentina, hay mucho por hacer, pero yo
    decir que el internet nos ha ayudado a molto.Abbiamo nuestro sitio
    “Http :/ /” Les pido que participen en la
    proyecto, me escriben vamos a completar la búsqueda en el Strongoli apellido, gracias también por darme la oportunidad de
    éstos ad-

  75. Miran on

    I am looking for informations of my grandfather who migrated to Argentina from Ajdovscina (Aidussina-Gorizia)in 1927.
    His surname and name is Bolcina Giuseppe (Giovanni).

    Thank you for any information. Miran

  76. linda on

    My great grandfather (Enrico Squeglia) left Naples 1885 to South America. He was the ship’s doctor and would travel back and forth from S.A. to Italy. Can you tell me how I would research ships doctors to try to locate the ship/and or my gr grandfather? Thank you.


  77. Lourdes Viviana Destefanis on

    My name is Lourdes Viviana Destefanis Camacho. I am the daughter of Osvaldo Destefanis Curtis, my date of birth is 7-3-64, born in Puerto Rico. I am in search of my birth father who is Argentinian and from Buenos Aires. I looking for him, just to meet him. I was deprived from him being in my life by my stepfather. I now he looked for me and wrote many letters that never reached my hands or my mother becouse my stepfather destroyed them. I want to find him and just meet him. I need help

  78. Barbara Sammaritano on

    March 13,2012-Hi!-I’m looking for Pellegrini’s who came from Italy in the very early 1900’s. My grandfather’s name was Gennaro Pellegrini and he was only 13 yrs. old when he arrived in America! We believe his brothers went to Buenes Aires! If anyone has any info please let me know.

  79. Andrea Kilcawley on

    My name is Andrea – my mother was born Leonora Fiorentino born in Commodoro Rivadavia 1928 – her father Alberto Fiorentino – his parents Julio (Guiglio) Fiorentino and Assuncion (Assunzione) Lucignani who emigrated to Rosario in or around 1886/7 from Tuscany Italy. I am trying to find out where in Tuscany they originally came from and can’t seem to find the right place to look. Can anyone help? Thanks.

  80. Len La Passo on

    I have a great grandfather who immigrated to South America sometime in the 1880’s. His name is Francesco Lopasso (Lapasso). He lived in Alessandria del Carretto, Calabria and was born 1841-42. Any help in locating records or relatives would be appreciated.

  81. Abel E. Stecconi on

    Mi bisabuelo, Stecconi Giovanni, vino a la Argentina con su mujer, Ermelinda Fle entre los años 1882-1890: quisiera saber de que zona eran y donde nacieron, y también obtener información del arribo al país y en que barco vino. Agradeceré cualquier información que me ayudea saber el poeblo en donde nacieron mis antepasados.

  82. Juliette on

    I suggest checking out this site:

    You can view a lot of records for free.

    It’s how I found out that my Italian great-grandparents lived in Argentina for several years! They returned to Italy (Naples) and then went to the United States. I was able to view a census record from Argentina on that site as well as a baptism record for one of my great aunts.

  83. Gary on

    Family history indicates that my grandfather, Antonino Parisi, born 1885 in Furnari, Sicily, Italy, worked on a “cattle boat” that ran between Italy and Argentina. I have been unable to find the ship he was on, which, according to his immigration papers from 1-1-1912, was the SS Michele del Arinola. Do you have any information on this ship or perhaps a website that I can go to for more information?

  84. Di on

    Abel, tus bisabuelos Giovanni Stecconi y Ermelinda vinieron con su hija Clementina quien se casó a los 20 años (octubre de 1903) con Miguel Cascella y fue madre de Alfredo Juan Gerardo Cascella (22/9/1904).
    Es probable que en las actas civiles de los dos hechos (matrimonio y nacimiento) que involucran a Clementina se encuentre su lugar de nacimiento. Pide copia en el Registro Civil de la ciudad de Bs. As.
    Si el dato no estuviera allí quizá debas buscarlo en Brandsen, lugar de nacimiento de Andrés Antonio Stecconi (bautizado el 19/4/1891)

  85. Di on

    Seguramente encuentres ese dato en alguna de las actas civiles o religiosas (consulta ambas) de nacimiento, matrimonio y defunción de los hijos de Julio (1853) y Asunción (1862) Fiorentino .
    Comenzando por Luis que nació en Italia (1885), siguiendo con Enrique (1887), Ida (1889) y Alfredo (1890) que nacieron en Bs. As., y finalizando con Guido (1891) que nació en Rosario, emigró a USA según y falleció en Los Angeles en 1973.

  86. Di on

    Giuseppe Bolcina, nacido en Gorizia, de 22 años, casado y de ocupación carnicero, llegó a la Argentina el día 1/4/1927 a bordo del barco Conte Verde.

  87. Aldo Giordana on

    Mi abuelo Calamaio Umberto de Entracque, Cuneo, Italia llego´a Buenos Aires el 01/12/1913 y se quedó con una familia de Entracque cerca de Cordoba o Rosario por diez años. Me gustaria saber más de su vida alli y de la familia con quien vivió. Me decia haber viajado entonces a las cataratas de Iguazu desde Cordoba o Rosario; podria ser por el Parana?.

  88. Debora on

    The Pallante Center for Italian Research can research your Italian family tree, get official documents from Italy for dual citizenship or genealogy, help you connect with lost relatives, or whatever else you need.
    over 30 years experience. onsite research available.

  89. grace on

    My grandfather from my mother’s side and my great grandparents from my dad’s side are both all from Italy. From what I know, they were in Chile and later made his way through Bolivia to Peru. They arrived in the 1920’s. The latter, I’m told, somehow made his way to Peru. They arrived in the 1870’s.
    Do you know if all ships came to Argentina and then people made their way through the rest of the countries? Any insights would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  90. sarah on

    je cherche les membres de ma familles qui sont en italie que j’ai jamais vu,en effet mon arriere grand mere s’appele theresa salice et ses parents sont Santiago salice et filemona morandi

  91. rita on

    hy i am rita i am searching for my ancesters who immigrated to buenos aires.the first one is sleiman daoud kmeid who immigrated in 1900 and his wife jalloul abi khalil who immigrated in 1904 rumors from people who used to go to argentina and come back to lebanon at that time say that they had two farms and they gave birth for seven children or more

  92. Abel Etecconi on

    Les estoy profundamente agradecido por la respuesta a mi pedido con respecto a la llegada de mi bisabuelo Stecconi Giovanni, como tambien el dato del lugar de nacimiento de mi abuelo Andrés antonio Stecconi, motivo por el cual solo me queda felicitarlos por la tarea cumplida desarrollada com profecionalidad.
    Enteramente agradecido, les saluda cordialmente:
    Abel edgardo Stecconi.-

  93. Rose on

    I’m looking for information on my grandfather, Francesco Perri who left Decollatura, Catanzaro, Italy in 1926 to work in Argentina. At the time, he was married to my grandmother Rosina (Rosa) and they had two young sons: Carmine (b. 1921 and Giuseppe (b. 1925). My grandmother was expecting another child when my grandfather left. That child was my father Angelo (Rosario Angelo Jan 1927). Sadly my grandfather never returned to Italy. He was in contact with my grandmother for the first few years, and was always trying to make enough money to return to his family. However, we understand that he became ill and then my grandparents lost touch. In those days, correspondence was limited to letters. Eventually, in Oct 1949 my grandmother, my Uncle Giuseppe and my father Angelo immigrated to Canada and my Uncle Carmine went to the U.S. The family tried to find my grandfather but it appears that he may have had dementia in the end and we believe he passed away in Lanus, Argentina. If anyone has any information that they can share on my grandfather Francesco Perri, please let me know. Thank you.

  94. Nancy Ippolito on

    I am trying to find information about my grandmothers family who left Rontondella, Italy around 1893 and went to live in Buenos Aires Argentina. They lived there for a few years because my Grandmother was born there, as well as her older brother. They left from Argentina to go to America in about 1895. The family name is Agresti. Can you tell me where I maybe able to look for additonal information. Thank you

  95. silvia on

    necesito saber si hay descendientes de mis tatarabuelos,giuseppe moreno y clementina pumaretti,nacidos en pinerolo-torino italia.el nacio el 27 de febrero de 1881 y ella el24 de octubre de 1872 segun sus partidas de nacimiento.emigraron a argentina,pero no se bien el año,ni el barco.tengo entendido que fallecieron a acausa de una peste en el barco,quedando mi bisabuelo,jose moreno y una hermana aqui,en argentina.muchas gracias

  96. Abel Etecconi on

    Mi bisabuelo, Giovanni Stecconi, arribó a la Argentina,procedente de Italia, en el año 1890, junto a su mujer, Ermelinda Fle y su Hermana. Necesito saber si cuando nació mi abuelo (07/02/1891), mi bisabuelo se nacionalizó argentino, antes del nacimiento o después del hecho. ¿Se puede averiguar ese dato? ¿en que lugar??? Desde luego…Muchísimas gracias!!!!!

  97. Abel Stecconi on

    Tienen el dato sobre si mi bisabuelo se nacionalizó argentino antes del nacimiento de mi abuelo Andrés Stecconi????

  98. Abel Stecconi on

    ¿En qué lugar de Brandsen busco datos sobre nacimiento de mi abuelo????. Porque yo fui al Reg. de las PersonaS EN bRANDSEN, y me dijeron que no tenían ninguna información,pero sí la tienen ustedes, ej. fecha de bautismo de Andrés Stecconi, etc. ¿Podrían ayudarme a certificar esa información?? . Mucas gracias!!!

  99. luigi cattaneo on

    Estoy buscando parientes cattaneo que quedan en buenos aires,estoy en facebook como liliana vicario. Luigi Cattaneo era mi bisabuelo.

  100. Abel Stecconi on

    Ustedes tienen la información sobre si mi bisabuelo,Giovanni Stecconi, se nacionalizó antes del nacimiento de mi abuelo Andrés Antonio Stecconi, hecho ocurrido el 07/02/1891, según consta en la partida da defunción de Andrés Stecconi???. Les agradecería muchísimo si me dan esa información, como también si pueden acercarme x este medio el sitio web de dónde sacaron estos datos!!!! Les saluda atentamente: Abel Edgardo Stecconi.

  101. silvia zapata on

    di mal los datos en uno de mis comentarios anteriores,giuseppe moreno es mi bisabuelo,vino desde pinerolo-torino italia,con su hermana ,mas o menos en 1890,su hermana era clementina piumaretti,no se porque distintos apellidos.Sus padres fallecieron durante la tnemos datos de nada,despues de él.les agradeceria me enviaran lo que puedan sobre los padres de mi bisabuelo,sus nombres,lo que sea.muchas gracias.

  102. B Del Grande on

    Looking for a long lost relative. Tito Tamburro from Monteleone Puglia, Italy. We found ship records which are confusing.
    One 24yr old came in 1926 on the ship Atlanta and another entry shows one at 30 years old in 1933 on the ship Belvedere and died in the 70’s or 80’s. We know he had a son perhaps called Girolamo

  103. Abel Stecconi on

    Otra vez habla Abel Stecconi….¿En que registro0 buscaron para sacar la inform. sobre la hermana de mi abuelo (Clementina, casada con Miguel Cascella??? ¿pueden ayudarme con la partida de nacimiento de Andrés Antonio Stecconi? mi:1.535.348- Muchas gracias!!!!

  104. Abel Stecconi on

    m.i. 1.535.348 es el documento de mi abuelo Stecconi, Andrés Antonio….¿se puede, por este número buscar la partida de nacimiento???AYÜDENME!!!!

  105. Abel Stecconi on

    Busco información sobre el arribo a la Argentina de mi bisabuelo, por parte materna, Romeo Dotti. La información que tengo es que vino en 1899, pero no se de que provincia italiana es su procedencia, ni su fecha de nacimiento y fecha de casamiento. Muchas gracias!!!!

  106. Cynthia Fileppi on

    Looking for Lorenzo Fileppi. From Piedmonte, Italy.
    Moved to Argentina with wife, daughter – Teresa and son in law – Morgano and grand daughter – Dolores in 1953. Lorenzo Fileppi’s father was a brother to my grand father – Vittorio. Working on family tree – finding lots of cousins.

  107. Anna Carli on

    My Grandfather Clemente Martinolli had a relative(uncle) who left for Cordoba in the late 1800s and was never to be heard of again. He was from Celledizzo, in Val di Sole, Trentino. His name was Stefano Martinolli.. born 11/12/1852… I would appreciate any information at

  108. Bette Sasso on

    Carmelo Spadaro, my grandmother’s brother, emigrated from Valguarnera Caropepe, Enna (formerly Caltanissetta), Sicily to Argentina probably before 1911. He was the son of Anna Pellegrino and Domenico Spadaro and he was born in 1883. He apparently married and had some children in South America, but the family lost track of him in the mid 1920’s after his wife had died. The trail is cold; no address; no names (wife or children); but I would like to know what happened to him and if he has any living descendants. If anyone has any ideas of how to find him, please let me know. Gracias,

  109. Abel Stecconi on

    Agradecería datos sobre Romeo Dotti (Bisabuelo materno), quién arribo a Bs.As. en el año 1899 y, creo era originario de Génova, Italia. No se el nombre de sus padres; si ustedes me pueden conseguir datos sobre su nacimiento (fechas), se los agradeceré!!!!

  110. Nancy Dotti on

    Looking for ancestry of Michael (Michele) Dotti born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1880 to (Unknown first name) “Dotti” (from Italy) and (unknown first name) “Soboring” from Holland. He then emigrated back to Rome and then to the USA. Any helps would be greatly appreciated.

  111. Abel Stecconi on

    ¿Se puede averiguar sobre el acta de defunción de Giovanni Giuseppe Stecconi, quién falleció en la provincia de Bs. As.? No sé la fecha del hecho. Solo sé que fue padre de Andrés Antonio Stecconi, quién nació en Domseelar ó Brandsen , el 06/02/1891. También me gustaría sabes sobre su esposa Ermelinda Fle, tanto su fecha de nacimiento , como su defunción. Muchas gracias!!!!

  112. vikki on

    I have just returned from the search of my grandfathers’ name in Italy…said to have been from Naples. They all said they came from Naples, cause that’s were the ship departed. He actually came from Colle Sannita, now in the province Benevento, Napoli. 150 years ago it was designated province Campobasso, Molise. His 2 brothers went to Argentina while he came to NYC(c.1890). Has anyone heard the name Pozzuto? Let me know: …To Rita M: The name Palmiero is in the town records of Colle Sannita!

  113. Linda Johnson on

    Hello, My great grandfather, Enrico Squeglia, born 1858 in Italy left my great grandmother Elena Banchieri in 1885 and sailed for Argentina. I think his name on a census was Enrique Quaglia but not sure if that is him even though other information matches. He was a surgeon in Naples and I’m told he was a ship’s doctor until he died. Word came to my great grandmother from Argentina gov’t. that he died at sea. That’s what I am told. I am pulling together a family album and missing this part of his life and would very much like to fill in the blanks. Can you help direct me? Thanks you.

  114. olga maria toso on

    estoy buscando familiares,mi abuelo era giusseppe toso y mi abuela maria secundina luisa sottimano,vinieron a la argentina en 1914 y 1916,la ultima que vino fue mi abuela que viajo con dos hijos matilde toso y nicodemo ceferino toso,eran piamonteses y vivian en pinerolo,mi abuelo era sastre y se dedicaba a fabricar vinos,tanto de sastre como en lo del vino,obtuvo premios y distinciones en italia y tambien en francia en grandes exposiciones de aquella epoca,nacido el,en 1877 agradezco si alguien se puede contactar conmigo a mi correo,saludo muy cordialmente,soy de provincia de buenos aires,argentina

  115. Anna DeSopo on

    Would appreciate any information on the family of Louis Toscano and (wife’s maiden name was Tangrade). This family immigrated to Buenos Aires, Argentina from the town of Tricario, Potenza, Bacilicato, Italy. The children included two (2) daughters (unknown names) and one (1) son Orazio Toscano. Last know address 2360 Juan B Alberdi Street, Buenos Ares, Argentia. Friends of this family included Louis Solis zip code 206 als Louis D.H. Lautaro, zip code 1219. The Louis Toscano family in Buenos Ares maintained contact with families of his sister Rose Toscano DeSopo and sister Felicia Toscano Rotella who had immigrated to the USA. If anyone can assist us locate family members of the Buenos Area family it would be appreciated.

  116. Oscar on

    I am not argentinian , but i have italian ancestry my grand grand father was italian that emigrate to EL Salvador looking for gold if i am not wrong his name was juan Borrioni , i would like to have some information about my past . Thanks

  117. Abel Stecconi on

    Busco inform. s/el nacimiento de mi abuelo materno Antonio Dotti, quién vivió de joven en la localidad de Banfield oeste y, presumiblemente, nació entre 1899/1901; Asi también saber si su padre, Romeo Dotti, nacido e/1874/75, quién arribó a Argentina el 10/12/1898, saber su fecha de defunsión.
    Les agradezco su colaboración!!!!!.

  118. David Fortuna on

    Hello, I am searching for my grandfathers family who left Italy sometime after 1912 and emigrated to Buenos Aires.Their surname would be Fortuna but not sure of their first names possibly Vincenzoor Dominico. They would be from Monteleone (now Vibo Valentia), Calabria, Italy and probably departed from Naples.

  119. Bruce Bauer on

    Looking for Mori family members from Sestri Levante, Italy (near Genoa). My great grandfather, Vincenzo, was born here in 1848. Some of the family immigrated to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Vincent had 4 brothers and 2 sisters.

    Bruce Bauer

  120. Jesse on

    Hello, I am researching my great uncle Giovanni Frigerio (in Argentina he would probably go by Juan or John). Giovanni’s two older brothers immigrated to the United States (New York) in the early 1900’s. Giovanni married in Italy and moved with his wife to Argentina. Birth year for Giovanni is approximately 1904 (or later) and immigration to Argentina occured 1920 or later. He immigrated from a town in Italy called Dorno (in Pavia). Any help would be much appreciated.

  121. Teresa Vedani Kozloski on

    My fathers sister left for Argentina in 1912. She was born in Stradella, Italy. My fathers name: Renzo’