Italian Immigration to Argentina

One of my particular topics of interest is immigration to Argentina, particularly Eastern European, Jewish or Italian immigration but also from other countries (Irish, British, or I guess just about anywhere). I’m always interested in reading personal stories of immigration to Argentina.

As I was browsing the bookstores on Corrientes yesterday, I came across a book that is a fascinating history of Italians in Argentina, appropriately named Historia de los italianos en la Argentina.

The book (almost 500 pages) is a scholarly study of the topic by Fernando Devoto, a history professor at the University of Buenos Aires who for more than 25 years has been researching Italian immigration to Argentina. Yet, the book is still very readable and informative for anyone interested in this topic.

The book starts with the early migration under Rosas but focuses on the height of Italian immigration to Argentina in the late 1800s and early 1900s. An entire chapter is devoted to the institutions of the Italians in Argentina, e.g, the mutual associations, hospitals, and clubs. There are numerous short profiles of Italian-Argentine intellectuals, scientists, and professionals that contributed to the development of Argentina. Also, a section covers the role of Italians in the Argentine left, the workers movement, and anarchism. Later chapters cover the period between the two world wars (which includes a section on fascism and Italian communities in Argentina), and the last chapter is from 1945 to the present.

Last night I only had time to browse through the book and read a few sections but I’m really looking forward to reading more of it. As I progress through the book, I’ll post a few bits of relevant commentary to the blog. But if you’re Argentine-Italian or interested in Argentine history, then this is a good book for your collection.

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  1. Hello,
    I’m looking for information on my grandfather, Francesco Perri who left Decollatura, Catanzaro, Italy in 1926 to work in Argentina. At the time, he was married to my grandmother Rosina (Rosa) and they had two young sons: Carmine (b. 1921 and Giuseppe (b. 1925). My grandmother was expecting another child when my grandfather left. That child was my father Angelo (Rosario Angelo Jan 1927). Sadly my grandfather never returned to Italy. He was in contact with my grandmother for the first few years, and was always trying to make enough money to return to his family. However, we understand that he became ill and then my grandparents lost touch. In those days, correspondence was limited to letters. Eventually, in Oct 1949 my grandmother, my Uncle Giuseppe and my father Angelo immigrated to Canada and my Uncle Carmine went to the U.S. The family tried to find my grandfather but it appears that he may have had dementia in the end and we believe he passed away in Lanus, Argentina. If anyone has any information that they can share on my grandfather Francesco Perri, please let me know. Thank you.

  2. I am trying to find information about my grandmothers family who left Rontondella, Italy around 1893 and went to live in Buenos Aires Argentina. They lived there for a few years because my Grandmother was born there, as well as her older brother. They left from Argentina to go to America in about 1895. The family name is Agresti. Can you tell me where I maybe able to look for additonal information. Thank you

  3. necesito saber si hay descendientes de mis tatarabuelos,giuseppe moreno y clementina pumaretti,nacidos en pinerolo-torino italia.el nacio el 27 de febrero de 1881 y ella el24 de octubre de 1872 segun sus partidas de nacimiento.emigraron a argentina,pero no se bien el año,ni el barco.tengo entendido que fallecieron a acausa de una peste en el barco,quedando mi bisabuelo,jose moreno y una hermana aqui,en argentina.muchas gracias

  4. Mi bisabuelo, Giovanni Stecconi, arribó a la Argentina,procedente de Italia, en el año 1890, junto a su mujer, Ermelinda Fle y su Hermana. Necesito saber si cuando nació mi abuelo (07/02/1891), mi bisabuelo se nacionalizó argentino, antes del nacimiento o después del hecho. ¿Se puede averiguar ese dato? ¿en que lugar??? Desde luego…Muchísimas gracias!!!!!

  5. Tienen el dato sobre si mi bisabuelo se nacionalizó argentino antes del nacimiento de mi abuelo Andrés Stecconi????

  6. ¿En qué lugar de Brandsen busco datos sobre nacimiento de mi abuelo????. Porque yo fui al Reg. de las PersonaS EN bRANDSEN, y me dijeron que no tenían ninguna información,pero sí la tienen ustedes, ej. fecha de bautismo de Andrés Stecconi, etc. ¿Podrían ayudarme a certificar esa información?? . Mucas gracias!!!

  7. Estoy buscando parientes cattaneo que quedan en buenos aires,estoy en facebook como liliana vicario. Luigi Cattaneo era mi bisabuelo.

  8. If anyone needs to research their Italian ancestors in Italy, my company specializes in Italian genealogy.
    Pallante Center for Italian Research

  9. Ustedes tienen la información sobre si mi bisabuelo,Giovanni Stecconi, se nacionalizó antes del nacimiento de mi abuelo Andrés Antonio Stecconi, hecho ocurrido el 07/02/1891, según consta en la partida da defunción de Andrés Stecconi???. Les agradecería muchísimo si me dan esa información, como también si pueden acercarme x este medio el sitio web de dónde sacaron estos datos!!!! Les saluda atentamente: Abel Edgardo Stecconi.

  10. di mal los datos en uno de mis comentarios anteriores,giuseppe moreno es mi bisabuelo,vino desde pinerolo-torino italia,con su hermana ,mas o menos en 1890,su hermana era clementina piumaretti,no se porque distintos apellidos.Sus padres fallecieron durante la tnemos datos de nada,despues de él.les agradeceria me enviaran lo que puedan sobre los padres de mi bisabuelo,sus nombres,lo que sea.muchas gracias.

  11. Looking for a long lost relative. Tito Tamburro from Monteleone Puglia, Italy. We found ship records which are confusing.
    One 24yr old came in 1926 on the ship Atlanta and another entry shows one at 30 years old in 1933 on the ship Belvedere and died in the 70′s or 80′s. We know he had a son perhaps called Girolamo

  12. Otra vez habla Abel Stecconi….¿En que registro0 buscaron para sacar la inform. sobre la hermana de mi abuelo (Clementina, casada con Miguel Cascella??? ¿pueden ayudarme con la partida de nacimiento de Andrés Antonio Stecconi? mi:1.535.348- Muchas gracias!!!!

  13. m.i. 1.535.348 es el documento de mi abuelo Stecconi, Andrés Antonio….¿se puede, por este número buscar la partida de nacimiento???AYÜDENME!!!!

  14. Busco información sobre el arribo a la Argentina de mi bisabuelo, por parte materna, Romeo Dotti. La información que tengo es que vino en 1899, pero no se de que provincia italiana es su procedencia, ni su fecha de nacimiento y fecha de casamiento. Muchas gracias!!!!

  15. Looking for Lorenzo Fileppi. From Piedmonte, Italy.
    Moved to Argentina with wife, daughter – Teresa and son in law – Morgano and grand daughter – Dolores in 1953. Lorenzo Fileppi’s father was a brother to my grand father – Vittorio. Working on family tree – finding lots of cousins.

  16. My Grandfather Clemente Martinolli had a relative(uncle) who left for Cordoba in the late 1800s and was never to be heard of again. He was from Celledizzo, in Val di Sole, Trentino. His name was Stefano Martinolli.. born 11/12/1852… I would appreciate any information at

  17. Carmelo Spadaro, my grandmother’s brother, emigrated from Valguarnera Caropepe, Enna (formerly Caltanissetta), Sicily to Argentina probably before 1911. He was the son of Anna Pellegrino and Domenico Spadaro and he was born in 1883. He apparently married and had some children in South America, but the family lost track of him in the mid 1920′s after his wife had died. The trail is cold; no address; no names (wife or children); but I would like to know what happened to him and if he has any living descendants. If anyone has any ideas of how to find him, please let me know. Gracias,

  18. Agradecería datos sobre Romeo Dotti (Bisabuelo materno), quién arribo a Bs.As. en el año 1899 y, creo era originario de Génova, Italia. No se el nombre de sus padres; si ustedes me pueden conseguir datos sobre su nacimiento (fechas), se los agradeceré!!!!

  19. Looking for ancestry of Michael (Michele) Dotti born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1880 to (Unknown first name) “Dotti” (from Italy) and (unknown first name) “Soboring” from Holland. He then emigrated back to Rome and then to the USA. Any helps would be greatly appreciated.

  20. ¿Se puede averiguar sobre el acta de defunción de Giovanni Giuseppe Stecconi, quién falleció en la provincia de Bs. As.? No sé la fecha del hecho. Solo sé que fue padre de Andrés Antonio Stecconi, quién nació en Domseelar ó Brandsen , el 06/02/1891. También me gustaría sabes sobre su esposa Ermelinda Fle, tanto su fecha de nacimiento , como su defunción. Muchas gracias!!!!

  21. I have just returned from the search of my grandfathers’ name in Italy…said to have been from Naples. They all said they came from Naples, cause that’s were the ship departed. He actually came from Colle Sannita, now in the province Benevento, Napoli. 150 years ago it was designated province Campobasso, Molise. His 2 brothers went to Argentina while he came to NYC(c.1890). Has anyone heard the name Pozzuto? Let me know: …To Rita M: The name Palmiero is in the town records of Colle Sannita!

  22. Hello, My great grandfather, Enrico Squeglia, born 1858 in Italy left my great grandmother Elena Banchieri in 1885 and sailed for Argentina. I think his name on a census was Enrique Quaglia but not sure if that is him even though other information matches. He was a surgeon in Naples and I’m told he was a ship’s doctor until he died. Word came to my great grandmother from Argentina gov’t. that he died at sea. That’s what I am told. I am pulling together a family album and missing this part of his life and would very much like to fill in the blanks. Can you help direct me? Thanks you.

  23. estoy buscando familiares,mi abuelo era giusseppe toso y mi abuela maria secundina luisa sottimano,vinieron a la argentina en 1914 y 1916,la ultima que vino fue mi abuela que viajo con dos hijos matilde toso y nicodemo ceferino toso,eran piamonteses y vivian en pinerolo,mi abuelo era sastre y se dedicaba a fabricar vinos,tanto de sastre como en lo del vino,obtuvo premios y distinciones en italia y tambien en francia en grandes exposiciones de aquella epoca,nacido el,en 1877 agradezco si alguien se puede contactar conmigo a mi correo,saludo muy cordialmente,soy de provincia de buenos aires,argentina

  24. Would appreciate any information on the family of Louis Toscano and (wife’s maiden name was Tangrade). This family immigrated to Buenos Aires, Argentina from the town of Tricario, Potenza, Bacilicato, Italy. The children included two (2) daughters (unknown names) and one (1) son Orazio Toscano. Last know address 2360 Juan B Alberdi Street, Buenos Ares, Argentia. Friends of this family included Louis Solis zip code 206 als Louis D.H. Lautaro, zip code 1219. The Louis Toscano family in Buenos Ares maintained contact with families of his sister Rose Toscano DeSopo and sister Felicia Toscano Rotella who had immigrated to the USA. If anyone can assist us locate family members of the Buenos Area family it would be appreciated.

  25. I am not argentinian , but i have italian ancestry my grand grand father was italian that emigrate to EL Salvador looking for gold if i am not wrong his name was juan Borrioni , i would like to have some information about my past . Thanks

  26. Busco inform. s/el nacimiento de mi abuelo materno Antonio Dotti, quién vivió de joven en la localidad de Banfield oeste y, presumiblemente, nació entre 1899/1901; Asi también saber si su padre, Romeo Dotti, nacido e/1874/75, quién arribó a Argentina el 10/12/1898, saber su fecha de defunsión.
    Les agradezco su colaboración!!!!!.

  27. Hello, I am searching for my grandfathers family who left Italy sometime after 1912 and emigrated to Buenos Aires.Their surname would be Fortuna but not sure of their first names possibly Vincenzoor Dominico. They would be from Monteleone (now Vibo Valentia), Calabria, Italy and probably departed from Naples.

  28. Looking for Mori family members from Sestri Levante, Italy (near Genoa). My great grandfather, Vincenzo, was born here in 1848. Some of the family immigrated to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Vincent had 4 brothers and 2 sisters.

    Bruce Bauer

  29. Hello, I am researching my great uncle Giovanni Frigerio (in Argentina he would probably go by Juan or John). Giovanni’s two older brothers immigrated to the United States (New York) in the early 1900′s. Giovanni married in Italy and moved with his wife to Argentina. Birth year for Giovanni is approximately 1904 (or later) and immigration to Argentina occured 1920 or later. He immigrated from a town in Italy called Dorno (in Pavia). Any help would be much appreciated.

  30. My fathers sister left for Argentina in 1912. She was born in Stradella, Italy. My fathers name: Renzo’

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