Passenger List of Italian Immigrants in 1961

Continuing my ongoing theme of Italian immigration to Argentina I’ve come across a posting at the Olive Tree Genealogy blog about an individual who has posted the passenger list of the ship Federico that sailed from Genova, Italy to Buenos Aires in March 1961.

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I’ll be interested in hearing personal accounts of anyone who immigrated by ship from Italy to Buenos Aires. There must be a lot of interesting stories among those who made the journey.

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  1. Luis Cella on

    I consider your blog one of the best about Buenos Aires and Argentine Literature. I follow it with great interest since August 2005 and encourage you to keep on with it.

    On this specific entry, I was surprised to see italian inmigrants arriving as late as 1961 when I knew from the stats that this inmigration halted around 1955, with many of the latests to arrive being relatives (usually old women) of long established inmigrants, and some even returning to Europe in the sixties and seventies. Reading the passengers list I found that there are no italian names (especially first names), mostly are Spanish names and I guess that they were Argentines coming back home after a tour to Europe. Some others seem Germans that embarked in Genoa. Defitively this is not a list of inmigrants.


    Luis Cella
    grandson of Italians inmigrants, currently living in Vienna.

  2. Jeff on

    Hi Luis,

    Thanks for your note and your examination of the 1961 passenger list. I must admit that I didn’t look at that list very closely. I appreciate all the info.

  3. Juan on

    Hi, My name is Juan Terranova, I´m a journalist from Buenos Aires and porteño “to the last hair of mi head”. My grangfather arrived here from San Marco Argentano, Calabria, Italia in 1947, after fighted in the war. My father was only two years old. I have a lot of inmigrants stories on my family. Someone in my blogs. The blog is great. Regards. Juan,-

  4. Paterna on

    My grant-grantfather came by ship grom Italy. He was ebanist (do furniture of wood) and I remember him with almost 100 years with his cigarretes.

  5. Peter Cella on

    Many of the Cella’s who came to Argentina and America in the late 1800’s early 1900’s came from the foothills in region north of Chevari, Liguria. In particular from a farming community called “Villa Cella”. My grandfather Pietro and grand Uncle Louis A. Cella were early arrivals and settled in Rhode Island, Connecticutt and New York.
    Louis went into business, my grandfather farmed tobacco in the Conecticutt river valley before WW1. The children of those Cella’s are spread across America today.

  6. flurp999 on

    Has anyone visted the museo de immigracion in BA? is it worth a visit? My great-grandfather arrived in BA from Italy in 1901. I am seeking to learn more about factors that influenced Italian emmigrants to choose BA over Ellis Island, a shorter, presumably cheaper trip.

  7. Jeff on

    I visited the immigration museum a couple of years. Not much there but it’s worth a visit if you’re in BA and interested in immigration topics. There is a database in the museum of families that passed through the “immigration hotel”.

    As for why BA over New York, one story I heard is that it simply depended upon what tickets were available at the time that one wanted to leave Italy. It would be an interesting topic to research.

  8. Gianmario Consolini on

    I would like to know where I could find information on my grandfather who immigrated to Argentina from Italy around 1935 to 1939. Where would I go to obtain this information?

  9. fernanda on

    I too have been struggling with research. I would like to have access to the National census 1927 of Argentina where hopefully could find the name of my grandfather.
    Any suggestions? apart from going to Argentina….
    Does a list of passengers to Buenos Aires from Genova for 1933-1936 exists? and where?
    Please help if you can, I am getting pretty desperate.

  10. Myra on

    Hello Gianmario,

    I am Myra and also looking for relatives in Argentina. My grandmother’s cousins went to Argentina, family name: consolini
    They lived near Lago di garda (provincia di Verona). I am wondering if we might be talking about the same consolini. If so, I think i’ve got a lot of information. I am going to argentina in november and due to that i’m trying to find relatives. My grandmother’s name is Angela Pericolosi


  11. irmã ana maria on

    estou a procura de meu bisavô fortunato zanardo que veio da itália em 1900. não sei o nome do navio,sei qeu depois ele foi para piracicaba, chegou com 19 anos

  12. Bil on

    Does anybody know
    FOMIATTI, Carla & Ester
    b. 13 June 1924
    b. 15 February 1946
    Origin: Sondrio, Italy
    Departed from: Genoa
    Arrived: 23 February 1952
    Aboard: Oceania
    First settled in: Perth, W.A.

    Thank you from West Chester Pennsylvania USA

  13. Paulette Downey on

    Looking for relatives in Argentina. My Grandfather Francesco Sfregola, had 2 brothers who immigrated from Barletta, Italy to Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. I have located a passenger manifest which lists 2 Luigi Sfregola’s, both unmarried, age 19 and 24 (Why would there be 2 Luigi Sfregola’s; is this a mistake?) and Michele Sfregola, married age 30. Name of the ship “Ravenna” from Genova to Buenos Aires, arrived 08-02-1911. We are traveling to Argentina and would like to make contact with relatives of these Sfregola’s from Barletta, Italy.

  14. Sera Scalzo on

    My uncle Luigino Casareto migrated to Argentina in the mid 1930’s. I would like to find some information on his family.

  15. anna crivella on

    does anyone know how to find the passenger list on the roma for feb 1961, my mother loreta and I arrived in australia 12/02/61

  16. Monse on

    I am looking for contacts in Argentina or Italy with relatives that moved from Tuscany to Argentina. I am having difficulty finding a connection between Tuscany and Argentina but I know there must be a community in Argentina somewhere. Thank you.

  17. Tania on


    I have been researching my family tree for ages but i have hit a brick wall when it comes to my paternal grandfather’s family moving back and forth between Italy and Argentina. My paternal great grandparents moved from Abruzzo Italy to Villarino Partido Buenos Aires Argentina in the late 1910s to the early 1920s. They then returned to Italy in the early 30s. My grandfather and his oldest brothers then returned to Argentina circa 1949-50 and he died there. Are there any passenger lists or immigration/emigration information for this time period on the web? Does anyone know any one related to Leonardo, Giorgio or Pasquale Palmieri? Any information would be a great help.


  18. Louis C. Gelada Jr. on

    I am currently searching for several relatives of mine who emmigrated from Italia to Buenos Aires. I am interested in knowing if there are any searchable databases or indexes. Specifically, I am looking for the surnames: From Dorno, Province of Pavia: Gelada, Perotti, Milanesi. From Celenza Valfortore, Province of Foggia: Napolitano, DiZinno, D’Amico

    Thank you and best of luck in your research!

    Louis aka Luigi

  19. Rogelio Molini on


    Can anyone at all tell me if a Louis (or maybe Luis or Luigi) Molini immigrated via Buenos Aires in 1879? He was born in 1853 in Casalino, Montoggio, Genoa to parents Jose (maybe Giuseppe)Molini and Jeronima Duke. Strange last name, I don’t know why but that is the only info I have. I know only more that Louis Molini married in Cuatro Cienegas, Coahulia, Mexico. I just don’t know how he got there, and what was his Port of Entry.
    Help me please :)
    Thank You Rogelio

  20. rob on


    bill thats from the funeral centre,,,ester might be married and changed name,,,,,hope that helps,,,dianella is the next suburb from me 5 min away

  21. Laura on

    I am trying to find information on Biancone family that left Italy and went to south america. Any suggestions where I can find a passenger list, etc.? I have hit a brick wall for a couple of years on this.


  22. janet on

    I am trying to find information on the migration of my italian ancestors from Italy to Argentina in the early 1900’s. Catalina Nicolina Concepcion Brunori (later Sutti) migrated to Argentina with her family. She was born in Iesi, Anacona, Marche, Italy, in Dec 1899 and died in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina in 1980. She was a self made artist of some reknown in Rosario and travelled throughout Italy by selling her paintings as she went along. There is a huge painting in a church in Iesi of the Last Supper which she painted. There is also one in Rosario. She emigrated to Argentina when she was still a toddler. Anyone who has information on the Brunori’s or the Sutti’s please contact me. Thank you.

  23. Christine Bergeron Mangano on

    My husbands great grandparents migrated to Argentina in 1882, where his grandmother Emilia T. Castiglioni was born in Dec. 1882. But she married in Italy and died in Italy. How do I find emigration records from Argentina to Italy. Thank you.

  24. Cindy on

    Looking for any information on my great grandfather Michele Greco who immigrated from Sicily sometime in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. We can find no information

  25. Bette on

    After many years of searching I would like to find the descendants of Carmelo Spadaro, who emigrated from Valguarnera Caropepe, Sicily to Argentina. He was the son of Domenico Spadaro and Anna Pellegrino. I believe he left Sicily before 1910. But, I have found no trace of him in Argentina. I have his photograph, his birth record and his military papers from Italy. That’s about it after 15 years. I would like to know more about his life in Argentina and connect with his descendants, if there are any. He had two sisters, Nunziata and Giuseppa.