This blog captured some of the insight that I’ve learned in eight years of living in Buenos Aires (2005 – 2013). (Note: some photos are missing from postings.)

I started this blog because I have a great interest in cultural heritage, the history of a place, the elements that form a city’s identity. And those elements are not always in the past but evolve through our everyday lives.

In March 2005, I left my university job in Miami and moved to Buenos Aires. For several years I was focused on writing and helping Cecilia with book design. Then I focused on interactive digital storytelling, software development, and entrepreneurship. In 2013 I returned to academia and moved back to the U.S. where I am an Associate Professor and Associate University Librarian at Washington and Lee University.

You can read my short story Forever Unaware published in 2009 by Paradigm and Rain Farm Press. The original journal page is no longer, so I’m posting a copy of the story here.

And here’s a my piece of my flash fiction Attachment to Insignificant Things.

A story I wrote that is set in Buenos Aires: The Distraction of Living.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about Buenos Aires. You can find me on twitter @jeffbarry

Enjoy Buenos Aires. It’s a great city!