Saturday morning I wanted to explore an area of Buenos Aires that I’ve not seen on foot, an area that I’ve only passed through on the bus or the backseat of a taxi. I left San Telmo and walked west, making my way through the park in front of Constitución station then heading down towards Av Caseros. My destination was simply to wander along Caseros seeing what I encountered.

Actually, I now live on Av Caseros but on the east side of Av 9 de Julio where Caseros forms the border of San Telmo and Barracas. This part of Caseros is separated from its other half by the railroad tracks leading south from Constitución. On the west side of the tracks Caseros is the border of several barrios, separating Constitución from Barracas and leading onward to Parque Patricios. I’ve already explored the interior of Barracas but this time I wanted to walk as far as Parque Patricios before turning back towards San Telmo.

The weather Saturday morning was great for walking – sunny with a slight breeze, the type of day made for walking miles. Approaching Caseros on the other side of the train station, I came across a couple of young men, obviously Mormon missionaries, also walking about the city.

Parque España is another one of those city parks that has a bit of potential but this Saturday morning there were still a fair number of rumpled, smelly men hanging loosely around the benches. I ventured forward along Caseros.

Soon I came across the Centro Cultural del Sur, a venue that often has good musical performances featuring tango or folclore. Following the street I soon found myself amid a zone of hospitals.

I’ll continue my description of this walk in another posting. And I promise some photographs, too.