Over at the Thorn Tree a poster asked about neighborhoods around the University of Buenos Aires. I posted this reply:

UBA has separate “campuses” all over the city. On the edge of Recoleta are the medical and business schools. This area is called Facultad de Medicina. There´s a subway stop there and the area is very convenient to a wide part of BsAs. I live in this area and walk just about everywhere that I need to go. From here, it´s about a 25 minute brisk walk from here to Plaza de Mayo. It´s a wonderful area to explore on foot and I recommend it as a good area for living since it´s centrally located. The Abasto shopping mall is also within walking distance or a short taxi ride.

Unless you live in La Boca, or go to futbol games, you probably won´t have much need to ever go there after you made the one obligatory visit to see the one small street of colorful bldgs that is in every tourist guide. However, there are buses that criss-cross the city quite effortlessly for 80 centavos though they do get extremely crowded at certain times of day. There are an incredible number of bus lines in the city. Taxis are plentiful. A taxi from Facultad de Medicina to Puerto Matero runs about 7 pesos; the cost to La Boca wouldn´t be much more.

If you don´t already have a teaching job lined up, then it might be difficult. A lot of people are here doing that, though there seems to be enough turnover that people still find jobs teaching ESL. You should plan to come here with enough money that you can live on for your stay rather than depending upon a job here to support you.

Be aware as poster #1 mentioned that UBA is spread all over town. They have a place that teaches ESL on Av de Mayo and the engineering school is in San Telmo. The large UBA campus (sciences, architecture) is in Nuñez, which can be up to 40 minutes by bus from Facultad de Medicina depending upon traffic; no subway to this location. There are still other UBA places tucked around in various corners of the city.