Watching the local news tonight, I saw a segment about a new television network launched by Hugo Chavez out of Cuba called teleSUR. It has been called the anti-CNN, apparently in reference to US imperialism as seen embodied in the Atlanta-based news network. writes that teleSUR will describe the “reality and the struggles taking place in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

AlterNet, a site about alternative news media, says “Move over Al Jezeera, Telesur is here”.

It’s all not just Venezuela, though. Argentina is funding 20% of the network.

I saw some commercials from teleSUR’s new PR campaign where people say, “Yo Soy teleSUR.” Mentally, I just have the image of Chavez and Castro staring into the camera saying that line….hmmm, I wonder if teleSUR will be carried on the Miami cable companies?…Ted Turner is probably getting a good laugh out of the anti-CNN comparison. The better comparison would be anti-Fox News.

I’m actually looking forward to seeing what teleSUR has to offer. For, indeed, any news about social issues in Latin America has to be worthwhile even if there is a leftist-slant to the journalism.