Tonight Ceci and I went back to our favorite sushi restaurant in Buenos Aires, Ichisou. We actually haven’t been back to Ichisou in two years but that was just because there are so many places to eat here. We don’t eat much sushi here and, when we did, we tried the few other places in town. Maybe if there were more sushi restaurants here, we would eat it more often. We certainly did eat sushi a lot in Miami, where there seems to be a sushi bar every few blocks.

Ichisou is located at Venezuela 2145 and is actually one of the nicest restaurants that we’ve been to in Buenos Aires. It’s a small restaurant and one should make reservations if you’re in a large group (4942-5853). The decor is very attractive.

The sushi is superb. We got 30 slices of sashimi that was incredibly soft and flavorful. Also, we got 8 rolls, 8 nigiri pieces, along with miso soup and a small salad. Everything was wonderful, just as we had remembered it from two years ago. As with any nice sushi restaurant, Ichisou was expensive, $88 pesos for our meal, including water and a soda. That comes out to about US$30. By far, the most expensive meal we have had in Argentina. Of course, with those prices, we won’t be going regularly but it’s a very nice place for special occasions.