Okay, so maybe that is a little dramatic but the high school students here are definitely asserting their political influences on issues important to them. (Wouldn´t it be nice if high schools in the U.S. were a little political?)

Two days ago the students at Escuela Normal Sarmiento returned to school, accompanied by Argentine Nobel Peace Laureate Adolfo Pérez Esquivel. The students had vowed to take 50 schools if the repairs to the building did not begin within two days. Today, two days later, several schools were taken, including one just down the street from me on Av Cordoba. Student protest erupted at almost a dozen schools around the city.

Rather than attend classes at one school, the students staged a rally on the street in front of the school.

Several recent events have led to this educational crisis. In April a piece of a ceiling collapsed onto one student. Earlier this month dozens of rats were found in another school. The protests are led by the student body presidents of the schools. This past weekend delegates from different schools met to plan today´s protests.

On Friday the students plan to march to Plaza de Mayo. I´ll be there, update tomorrow.