Seems like everybody is talking about Barracas these days. Robert is busy mapping points of interest in Barracas and yesterday I was joined on a walk around Barracas by a couple of fellow expats: Tom and Henry.

And this morning I open up La Nacion and find that the cover story of the real estate section is about Barracas. The article kept tossing around the figure of US$1,400/square meter. For a couple of years I’ve been thinking that Barracas would be a good neighborhood for buying an apartment. I guess a lot more people are thinking that too.

Sometimes I wonder why I keep reading any newspaper. Of course, the realty section always has been about advertisement. But La Nacion couldn’t help pass up the opportunity to include that Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith as well as Courtney Love might have brought property in Barracas. La Nacion actually wrote “Se dice que Antonio Banderas….”. Who says?

From my archives, a few more posts about Barracas. I particularly like this photo.