In Argentina people have been buying new TV sets for months. I was in a bookstore today that had brought in a TV set just to watch Argentina play in the Mundial. At the corner market, the guy who sells fresh vegetables had set up a little TV between the potatos and broccoli.

The first game is today, Saturday, but the second and third games that Argentina plays in the first round are on weekdays. But no concern, the schools will be allowing the kids to watch Argentina compete against the world, all with the blessing of the government.

The first round games featuring Argentina are being shown by no less than five TV channels, including all of the non-cables stations. There also always seem to be a half dozen cable channels showing football at anytime of the day or night. So, if you’re in Buenos Aires then you should be able to just turn the TV on and find the game.

This is my first time in Buenos Aires for the Mundial and it should be interesting. There’s an excitement in the air. While I plan on watching the games I also want to spend some time walking around town during one of the broadcasts just to see how focused everyone is on the games.

Unfortunately, Argentina is in a very competitive group for the first round and might not make it very far. (I feel almost unpatriotic writing that). Not that I know anything about this form of football but that’s just what I’ve read online; I hope that Argentina does well. It would make for a fun day in Buenos Aires.

If these games don’t go well, then Argentines can comfort themselves by remembering the goal of the century by Maradona against England in the 1986 World Cup game. Everyone talks about the infamous hand of God but the second goal by Maradona in that game impresses even me, someone who is not really a fan of soccer (uh, football, ahem, futból!).

Through the wonders of youtube one can relive the hand of God goal and the goal of the century, along with the exhilarating voice of the announcer praising God for futból and Maradona.