I have some photos of last week’s protest marches over on my Flickr account at http://www.flickr.com/photos/jeffbarry/. Take a look at social activism in Buenos Aires!

Technical comment on Flickr: I’ve been playing around with the Flickr service today for the first time today. I probably will eventually just put most of my photos on my own hosting space here at elsur.org but I wanted to examine Flickr’s functionality. I do like their slideshow tool but Flickr has at least one major problem. It doesn’t seem possible to place photos in a specific order. Flickr has an organizer tool that looks like it should allow you to order the photos as you like. However, everytime I tried it, the photos just went back to the original order. Apparently, the photos are in random order, not even by the order in which they were uploaded or by filename. Now, come on Flickr guys, this isn’t that difficult to program….maybe I missed something, but it should have worked easily. Also, as a librarian, I wonder how the tag structure is going to hold up over time over whether it will collapse under its own weight. But, there seem to be a lot of momentum behind unstructured tagging these days, e.g., technorati. Yet, that’s a topic for my Endless Hybrids blog. I’m not writing much there these days….