One topic that I’ve been following is the growth in outsourcing information technology services from the U.S. to Latin America. Here in Buenos Aires I am definitely getting a sense that there is an increase in this business. I’m encountering an increasing number of people from the U.S. who are relocating to Buenos Aires in order to either start-up or relocate their technology businesses.

I don’t think that Latin America will eclipse India or Asia as the outsourcing leader, but I do believe that niche markets for IT services can work very well through outsourcing in Latin America. Of course, the same can also be said about Eastern Europe. Ultimately, I think that the outsourcing pie is so large that firms in a lot of countries will benefit.

Articles that focus exclusively on which country offers the best outsourcing potential and lowest costs are missing the full scope of providing a technology service. Indeed, one potentially lucrative aspect can be viewed not as outsourcing at all but as simply the provision of a high value technology-based service. Graphic design is one of those aspects. Traditionally, graphic design was provided onsite, in-person. But the rapid nature of worldwide communications enables talented designers to provide services for customers in other global locations.

Design is very much part of the nature of Buenos Aires. The city has a very sophisticated design pulse and is producing excellent designers that offer a stylistic sense that is different from those found elsewhere. Enabling opportunities that offers these designers access to markets in North America or Europe while continuing to work and live in Buenos Aires could be a successful business model. The key to the success of any company is gaining access to the market.