On the first of this month we finally made our move to San Telmo on a Wednesday night. We are now living in this lovely old building (thanks to our friend Adriana!). Our apartment is the top floor, front, with wonderful windows that open out onto to calle Brasil. It’s an old place that needed a lot of restoration. No one had lived in the apartment had been abandoned for 10 years and, from the looks of it, nothing had been done to apartment for the previous thirty years. Adriana and Ceci spent a lot of time working on it. This photo of the living room is rather dark but it nicely shows the window over the door. Later, I’ll post a picture of the building itself.


One interesting aspect of the building is the staircase. The entrance opens into a small covered hallway, which in turns leads to a long open-air corridor. A spiral staircase winds it way up to the top floor where we live. There’s no elevator so we get plenty of exercise going up and down the stairs. But it’s a lovely staircase, particularly at night when the light cast shadows of the ironwork onto the steps.