In my last post I mentioned that I would say more about this block of apartment buildings on the 400 block of Av Caseros. I adore this set of buildings, designed by the architect Christian Schlinder and completed in 1910.

I was intending to say more about these buildings but I couldn’t find the books to verify my information. So, being a good librarian, I’m not going to say more about it until I verify my source. Anyway, I wanted to go ahead and post the photo.

I tend to say that I live in San Telmo but, in actuality, Av Caseros is the boundary of the two barrios and the south side of Av Caseros is Barracas. So, these buildings also are located in Barracas rather than San Telmo. If you find yourself anywhere near Parque Lezama, then just wander a block down Defensa and take a look at the marvelous 400 block of Caseros.

Whenever I walk by these buildings I find myself thinking about the New Town area of Edinburgh. There’s a slight similarity in style but New Town just happens to have dozens of streets with incredible apartment buildings. Perhaps because I like cold, dreary weather, but I wouldn’t mind living in Edinburgh someday….meanwhile, I’ll just continue reading Ian Rankin. Despite that, I still love Buenos Aires.