One of the things I don’t like about working more these days is that it leaves little time for blogging or even reading the almost 400 blogs that I have in my bloglines. There are a lot of postings that I want to write about but just don’t get around to it. So, I have a backlog of ideas and topics for blogging that might find their way here someday.

Meanwhile, I wanted to point out a couple of interesting posts that I saw elsewhere. The Magical Urbanism blog has some really great postings about urbanization and Buenos Aires. See the cartoneros of Buenos Aires and a Monday afternoon at Argentina’s largest landfill. Then work your way back on that blog for some more intesting posts.

Also, Paterna over at aguafuertes 2004 wrote recently about a topic that I need to write more about: the recent disappearance of Jorge Julio López. Some highly questionable and politicized comments by Hebe de Bonafini, leader of the Madres de Plaza de Mayo, were made about his disapperance.

Last night while watching TV I saw an announcement of a march this evening by the Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo and a splinter group of the Madres, the Madres de Plaza de Mayo Línea Fundadora. See the Línea Fundadora page announcing the march.

I’m to Av de Mayo to see what’s happening….then it’s off to the coast for a couple of days this weekend. I’ll try to post next week about the march tonight.