There’s an exciting new community newspaper for the San Telmo neighborhood: El Sol de San Telmo

The first issue came out this month and can be found at various places around San Telmo. Additionally, several of the articles can be found at the El Sol de San Telmo blog.

Usually, I don’t have high regards for the free newspapers and booklets that I see distributed around here since the content is mostly glossy advertisements. But, I really enjoyed reading El Sol de San Telmo since it actually has a number of quality articles. The paper is clearly concerned about the barrio and is not just a vehicle for ads.

The cover story of the current issue is a good examination of the issues involving the bus traffic through the historic district. The paper is co-sponsoring a discussion tomorrow night on this very same topic and that should be very interesting. More information for those interested in attending.

El Sol de San Telmo is edited by Marcelo Ballvé. On an unrelated topic Marcelo recently had a wonderful article on the NACLAnews site: Remembering Che and the Guevaras.