Last night we were over at the home of Carlos, a professor of graphic design at UBA, who lives in a nice casa chorizo in the barrio of Agronomía. After an evening of looking at slides of works by his students, Carlos suggested that we go to the best pizzeria in Buenos Aires: El Imperio de la Pizza in Chacarita.

El imperio de la pizza

I also have to say that it’s the best pizza I’ve had in Buenos Aires. Of course, if you ask 10 people in Buenos Aires about their favorite pizzeria, then you’re likely to get 10 different answers. I just noticed that SaltShaker Dan also has a recent review of El Imperio where he says it was just okay, not great. Well, sure, if you’re a chef then I can see that it may not be so great but for us average guys El Imperio de la Pizza certainly offers a great pizza.

And last night we had musical accompaniment at El Imperio. Outside the window was this couple hanging out on the sidewalk, sharing an Isenbeck. How can it get better?

The Lost Carnaval Player

Directions: So if you want to go to El Imperio de la Pizza it’s pretty easy to find. Just take the B line of the subway out to the Federico Lacroze stop. It’s right across the street from the entrance to Chacarita cemetery so it makes a good place to stop before or after wandering around the cemetery. Alternatively, you can take the #39 bus all the way to the end of the line which terminates at the same point. And the 39 starts its route back into the city from right in front of El Imperio de la Pizza and takes you through Palermo, down Av Santa Fe, and over into Barracas. Hmmm, a pizza might be a good way to start the nightly adventure tour on the 39.