AMIA, the Jewish Community Center of Buenos Aires, has an online database of grave locations for the four Jewish cemeteries [update: this link is updated and now works again. ] in Buenos Aires: Berazategui, Ciudadela, Liniers, and Tablada. You can search by last name. AMIA also provides directions and information (in Spanish) for visiting each of the cemeteries.

Update: AMIA has changed their web site, so the link to the online database of the cemeteries isn’t working. I also couldn’t find it on their new site. Perhaps they will add that back in the future. It was a good resource.

Update October 15, 2009: The link to the online database of Jewish cemeteries in Buenos Aires is now working again.

I did update the link to the page with directions to each of the cemeteries, but that page – for now – is only in Spanish.

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