A while back I had I heard a rumor that Cosmos, the independent cinema on Av Corrientes, was about to close. Pasa en Buenos Aires, an interesting, new blog run by the city, provides the details about the eventual closing of Cosmos. (Note: the photo of the cine in that post isn’t Cosmos, which in reality is a rather funky, but endearing, place).

Basically, the original owner of Cosmos – Isaac Vainikoff – died a couple of years ago and the place is now owned by his two sons. According to the city’s blog, the sons haven’t had an easy decision about selling but economic issues, and problems with distributors and the tenants on the ground floor have prompted the sons to sell at a price of US $2.8 million, which includes not only the theater but also 16 apartments and 3 stores. (Honestly, while it’s sad to see an independent cinema go, it’s hard to walk away from that kind of money).

I’ve not been to Cosmos too often this year. The last time was to see “The Story of the Weeping Camel”, which was shown in the small viewing room that only has 35 seats; the main room is larger. Ceci tells me that the small room used to be much nicer with a sofa and comfortable chairs, more like being in someone’s living room. I don’t know when they changed the small room to the current format.