As being discussed extensively on the BANEWCOMERS list, I checked my cable and found that the BBC and CNN channels are no longer available. Evidently, the cable companies have decided to charge extra for those channels or, perhaps, no longer offering those at all…I’m not sure…anyway, CNN International isn’t very good and the cable company was always pre-empting BBC for Senado TV.

Fortunately, I’ve started to watch most of my news on the Net. There’s so many offerings online now that cable TV news isn’t so useful. Also, for those who haven’t discovered, a lot of the U.S. networks have their prime-time programming available online. Yes, it’s supposedly block to users outside the U.S. but there are a lot of open Web proxies in the U.S. that you can use to circumvent that restriction.

An observation: in Bogota the cable TV service is much better than Buenos Aires. Not only do you get BBC and CNN International but also CNN USA (for you Larry King fans). Also, you get several other U.S. stations such as Fox News, not that I want to watch that. But, perhaps even better, you get CBS…Oprah and Dr Phil in the afternoons!