Continuing with our look at the political posters for the upcoming city elections….

This has to be one of the oddest political posters around town. At first, I thought it was a pro-Macri poster with its big letters of “Vote Macri” but I was confused since I didn’t know my Macris too well. Did Macri shave off his mustache? Did he lose it jumping over a pothole?


Then it was pointed out to me that this photo is of Macri’s father – Franco Macri, a local business tycoon with a dubious reputation.

The slogan underneath the photo says “Business with the state, that is” followed by the symbol for Macri’s political party PRO. The elder Macri made a lot of money from doing business with the state. The poster implies that a Macri government will be filled with corruption.

Then again, conservative business types might just be in full agreement that business with the state is the way to go.

Do political advertisements in Argentina have to include a statement as to who funded the ad? I don’t think so but it would be very interesting to know in the cases of many the posters.

Oh, I almost forgot…as you see in the photo…someone added a derogatory statement over the posters of Macri…since this is a family blog, I’ll leave the translation out.