In my ramblings through the Web today I came across the Global Voices Online site and its Monday World Blog Roundup. I really like what this group is attempting to do to broaden the worldwide conversation. But I noticed a stark lack of blog entries from Latin America. Maybe it’s the language barrier, but I’m not sure. In their wiki for global voices, a new concept called bridge blogging is defined, which I think is quite interesting and one that I will spend more time attempting to address in this blog regarding Buenos Aires. Indeed, it’s been more or less my goal all along for this blog to be more reflective about issues and conditions within Argentina rather than just be the diary of an ex-pat’s adventures in the city.

Definition of BridgeBlogs. “Bridges bloggers write for an audience outside of their everyday reality. for instance, when Ory Okolloh writes about corruption in Kenya, reaching family at home and readers at Harvard, she is bridge blogging. (And when people comment on her blog from outside Kenya, they’re bridging back.