I’m really trying to post more often, after being mostly absent from this blog last month. But today, I’ve not even gotten out of the house. So I decided to scan through the tons of photos that I’ve been intending to post about….

Early last month while walking down Azcuenaga street next to Recoleta Cemetery I saw another building demolition almost completed.

Particularly, I was intrigued by that window on the very back wall. I was half surprised that the demolition crew had enough sense not knock it out completely. I’ve not been back by that block in a few weeks, so I guess it’s completely gone now, salvaged and sold off. I don’t have a very good zoom on my little camera, so this is the best close-up I could get of the window.

As I often do when I encounter these demolished buildings, I started wondering about the building that was there before. Obviously, from the looks of this window it appears that the previous house must have been quite nice at one time, right?

A good resource to check photos for every parcel of land in Buenos Aires is the city’s map site. But guess what a photo from March 2007 showed was on this lot:

Cabaret show?…I really had to examine the photo closely to make sure that it was the same lot of land, but yep that appears to be the same place…..well, that strip of Azcuenaga is filled with clubs of a dubious nature.

I always tell people that you never know what is behind the facade of buildings in Buenos Aires. And this is a case where one certainly never knew what was behind the walls of the cabaret show.