Yes, it’s time for another entry in the City that Fades Away series.

On the way to the fish market Saturday I saw this building on Piedras that is getting prepped for demolition and the construction of something new.

It’s located right across the street from the entrance to the Grupo Clarín media empire, which already has taken over many of the buildings in this corner of Barracas. I wonder if it will be more Clarín offices or an even more unimaginative structure like this apartment building going up just two doors down, masquerading with the name Altos de Piedras:

(My research gladly shows that nothing noteworthy was at the spot of this new building).

Not all is lost on Piedras

At the end of the very same block of Piedras is this house that has undergone renovation.

Fortunately, it didn’t meet the fate of this other house further up Piedras.