This week AMIA, the Jewish Community Center is Buenos Aires, is commemorating the 11 year anniversary of the bombing of AMIA that killed 85 people. In memory of that tragedy I’m posting a series of blog entries this week about the Jewish community in Buenos Aires.

As most people know, the international Jewish community is remarkably strong. I found this nice little article from the Kansas City Jewish Chronicles about a young college student from Kansas who traveled to Argentina to experience Judaism in South America:

“We spent our first Shabbat in the Jewish colony of Avigdor, established in 1936 to house Jews fleeing from Germany. This was an incredible experience. On Friday night, as we entered the small yet beautiful temple, we were joined by members of the community and some of their relatives visiting from Israel. This is when so many of us realized the beauty of Judaism. Here was a group of Americans, Argentines and Israelis who connected as Jews instantaneously creating one community, singing, dancing and praying in one universal language – Hebrew. “