Big losses in the World Cup this weekend….not sure whom I’m cheering for now, Italy, perhaps Portugal. Yesterday, just before the Argentina-Germany game I heard the church bells again ringing across the street at Santa Catalina. Perhaps it was just the midday call for prayer, something Argentina needed but didn’t get against Germany. Oh, well, losing is part of the game.

Saw one of our neighbors on the stairwell after the game. She was cursing Leonardo Franco, the substitute goalkeeper for Argentina.

Ceci had been sick with a head cold, sinus headache, for a few days and went over to the pharmacy Friday afternoon to get a migral. The pharmacist said that he just couldn’t get over his rage about the game.

Fortunately, after Saturday’s games, Argentina isn’t alone in the Mundial misery column. Compared to the fate of both Brazil and England, the Argentina loss doesn’t look so bad.

Went for a long walk today, from San Telmo, up thru the microcentro, and ended up at a cafe in Recoleta to watch the second-half of the Brazil-France game. All the Argentines in the cafe were rooting for France. Next to the Argentine team, I like the Brazil team, but kept my mouth shut in the cafe. All the Argentines cheered when France won and the cars driving along Junín started blowing their horns. I thought that it would be nice for a South American team to remain in the tournament. But, maybe Brazil has been just too successful and people like to cheer for the underdog, though I’m sure there is some Argentine-Brazil football rivalry figuring into it, too.

Came across a nice historical map displaying the best performance of countries in the World Cup. I didn’t realize that Uruguay was once such a football powerhouse. Now, that I’ve been converted into a football/soccer fan, I’m looking forward to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.