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Just to the south of the city of Buenos Aires is the small town of Adrogué. Borges spent a lot of time in Adrogué in the first part of his life. His family would go there often for the summers. According to the Williamson biography, Adrogué is also where Borges contemplated suicide at least once, possibly twice.

Adrogué is also the title of a beautiful poem by Borges that captures his feeling for the town, some lines:

On the far side of the doorways they are sleeping,

those who through the medium of dreams

watch over in the visonary shadows

all that vast yesterday and all dead things.

The ancient aura of an elegy

still haunts me when I think about that house —

I do not understand how time can pass,

I, who am time and blood and agony.

Duermen del otro lado de las puertas

Aquéllos que por obra de los sueños

Son en la sombra visionaria dueños

Del vasto ayer y de las cosas muertas.

El antiguo estupor de la elegía

Me abruma cuando pienso en esa casa

Y no comprendo cómo el tiempo pasa,

Yo, que soy tiempo y sangre y agonía.