Update: Walrus books now has a Web site, go to www.walrus-books.com.ar

Walrus Books, my favorite English language bookstore in Buenos Aires, has just opened their new store in San Telmo. I had the pleasure today of being the first customer in their new location at Estados Unidos 617, near the corner of calle Per̼, opened Tuesday thru Sunday, 10am Р8pm.

Formerly operating out of their apartment in Palermo, Geoffrey and his wife are still in the process of stocking the new store but soon expect to have a selection of about 1,500 books. The space is charming and cozy, a comfy place to spend time browsing among the shelves. The customer service is outstanding and Geoffrey can always recommend a good read.

Most of the books are used, so the prices are very good. There is a large selection of contemporary literary fiction, classic literature as well as mystery and suspense novels, along with solid offerings of Latin American literature translated into English. The traveler should know that Walrus Books also has some travel guides such as Lonely Planet.

If you’re a local then Walrus Books is definitely the place to buy your English language books. If you’re just visiting Buenos Aires, then Walrus Books is a good place to stop in and buy a book for those lengthy bus trips or that long plane ride back home.

This sounds like an advertisement, I know. But it’s just an unsolicited endorsement from a happy customer. Indeed, their new store is dangerously close to where I live… need to adjust my budget, less bife and more books.