Two blocks from our apartment is Plaza de Houssay, which is situated between the medical school and business school of the University of Buenos Aires. Tonight over 10,000 students and faculty from all over the country marched from Plaza de Houssay through the streets of downtown Buenos Aires and arrived at Plaza de Mayo about 9pm tonight.

I stayed with the group the entire way and got some good photos and videos that I will post later.

These were mostly college and university students, though the high school students who have mobilized to protest the poor conditions of school buildings in Buenos Aires also joined the march.

Faculty at public universities have been on strike since Wednesday.

The demands were a basic salary of 800 pesos for university professors. That equates to about $275 US. Read that again: a basic salary of $275 US a month for college level teaching.

The marchers also demanded that university budgets be tripled, as part of increasing the educational funding to 6% of the GNP.

(Note: see my other posting for a near tragic event that happened during this march).