Yesterday I wrote about the protest in front of the building right next door to where I live. Today we swing over to other side of my building. Today is it a parking lot though historic aerial photos of the barrio reveals that an apartment building was on that spot until some point in the 1970s. Considering the rest of the structures on this side of the block, I assume that it was also a rather nice place.

Indeed, if you look closely at the photo you can still see a small bit of the old facade up to the right of the entrance to the parking lot.

The parking lot that was a building 2007

Until last year more of the facade was visible, along with a very intriguing mural once painted on that wall. But last year the owners of the parking lot, in their collective wisdom, decided to repaint the wall and tear down the other section of the facade. I always had intended to take a photograph but was shocked one morning when I came outside and saw that the wall had been painted and the facade further destroyed. Fortunately, on the city’s mapping site, I found this photo from 1997.

The parking lot that was a building 1997

Personally, I thought it looked better in 1997 than today. I liked the mural. Actually, I wouldn’t mind if elodio graced this boring, white wall on the 500 block of Caseros with his street art.

It’s too bad that the modern parking lot has no style. Look at the garages of the past:

old garage

At least, they blend into the neighborhood, contributing some sense of style.