Somewhere, way back, I have some ancestors from Ireland. My last name of Barry is certainly very Irish. Imagine my surprise when I first saw the name Barry as a surname among a few Argentines. Of coure, it’s pretty rare and these folks have first names like Juan or Luis. I just imagine that my cousins back in Tennessee might find the idea of a Juan Barry rather humorous but the Irish/Argentine blend does exist. I aim to find out more about it and see if I can locate any long, long lost cousins. The best place to start such a search is with the Irish Argentine Historical Society, an international group that is examining the lives, settlements, and achievements of the Irish in Argentina. I don’t know why but genealogy and family history are big things for anyone with Irish roots.

Founded only in 2003, the Irish Argentine Historical Society is busy working on a number of research projects and educational programs. The executive committee consists of researchers and individuals from around the world who are interested in Irish migration patterns. (When I moved to Miami I also was surprised to learn that the Irish had also went to Cuba).

The Irish Argentine Historical Society’s web site consists of several fascinating sections. An introduction provides background for those with little knowledge of Irish emigration to Argentina. Another section provides information about the Irish counties with high rates of emigration to Latin America. The “Journey” section has articles about 19th and early 20th century travel to South America including a list of 7,000 names of Irish who arrived in Buenos Aires. The “settlement” section has an extensive list of Irish settlers in Argentina as well as burial records. Some oral histories are also available.

What an incredible resource! I’ll be spending a lot of time with this material!