Paul Auster has long been one of my favorite writers. Evidently, he’s also a favorite among readers in Buenos Aires. Last Sunday’s PERFIL newspaper listed Auster’s latest novel to be translated into Spanish, The Brooklyn Follies, as the number 3 bestseller in the city.


Auster is one of the few U.S. writers who writes with an imagination that is similar to many Argentine writers.

Attesting to his popularity here is this photo from a Jumbo store ad for a set of plastic containers, which appeared as an insert to the newspapers. Look closely at the containers in the ad and you will see some books. Normally, books in these kind of ads are generic editions. But, this one features two books by Paul Auster: Oracle Night and Mr. Vertigo …. probably a sly homage from a photographer.

If, by chance, you’ve not yet read Auster, then I suggest starting with The New York Trilogy