On one of my walks last week up Av de Mayo I decided at Congreso to turn left onto Entre Rios rather than my usual pattern of taking Callao into Barrio Norte. Back in 2003 when I was visiting BsAs regularly from Miami I often found myself on Entre Rios since I always stayed in an apartment near the intersection of Estados Unidos and Virrey Cevallos. But it had been a long time since I walked down Entre Rios and I had forgotten that it’s a relatively nice street.


There are some very nice buildings…..


And, while it’s not Barrio Norte, there are some great apartments……


Of course, as you get further down Entre Rios the buildings are not in as good shape but still quite interesting. Actually, this one is quite odd.


And, below, those blue curtains on the 2nd floor are not so hot but that top floor apartment looks wonderful.


I actually couldn’t remember to which barrio this area belongs, so I had to look it up….and, drumbeat…well, actually Entre Rios is one of those boundary streets that (north of Independencia) serves as the border between Balvanera and Monserrat. Between Independencia and Garay, Entre Rios is the border between Constitución and San Cristobal.

I ended up walking back through Constitución to San Telmo. And I just have to say, having wandered around Constitución several times, that except for the two blocks surrounding the train station, Constitución is not as bad as its reputation. Obviously it’s not Recoleta but most of Constitución isn’t any different than most of the other barrios in Buenos Aires.