Saturday night, after taking in a movie at Gaumont, we were walking around the Congreso area. As we strolled down calle Sarmiento, we noticed a large line of people standing outside one of the nightclubs. Having lived in South Beach for a few years, we knew that wasn’t an unusual sight but we did wonder who actually went to the clubs at 8:45 pm. When we looked closer, we realized that everyone in line was a young teen. Some of the clubs here cater to the pre-18 crowd in the early evening for alcoholic free entertainment.

As we continued walking across the street from the club, a young girl ran up to us and excitedly starting to ask us something. I couldn’t keep up with her Spanish but basically asked if we would pretend to be her parents so that she could get into the club more quickly. Evidently, if your parents accompany you to the door of the club then you can get straight in, otherwise you have to wait in line for a while. So, we figured that we would pretend to be cool parents who let our young daughter hang out at the clubs on a Saturday evening. Actually, the doorman hardly glanced at us as our young daughter waved good-bye to us and went inside for a night of fun.

From what I gathered, a number of parents drop their kids off at the club while they go a block over to Av Corrientes and take in a show and dinner. Then they head back over to the club to pick up the kids about 11 pm or so.

Of course, the funniest part of this whole episode was Ceci (who turns 32 this month) realizing that she´s old enough to have a 14 year old daughter!