There are many fun things to do in Buenos Aires and, on this Valentine’s Day, here are some ways of falling in love with the city of Buenos Aires:

  1. Enjoy the afternoon on a shady bench in Plaza San Martín, with a backdrop of aristocratic palaces and the periodic appearance of historically dressed militars marching towards the Malvinas memorial.
  2. Hunting down the distinctive garages, those characteristic structures from the city’s golden age that remarkably stylize the concept of the parking lot.
  3. Spend hours in a classic café talking with a friend, reading, or just observing porteño society.
  4. Linger along the streets, admiring architectural details, like decorative tiles and stunning doorways, designed and crafted by architects and contractors who proudly left their names on the facades.
  5. Venture away from the busy avenues and stroll down cobblestone streets in a quiet barrio, where you might even unexpectedly stumble onto a film set.
  6. Witness the seductive dance of tango in a milonga, or join in if your feet allow.
  7. Seek out an antique pocket watch in a charming store on a hidden block in the city’s core.
  8. Discover Argentina’s many great painters- Berni, Quinquela Martín, Xul Solar – and wonder why you’ve never heard their names before coming to know Buenos Aires.
  9. Wander down a side street between Puerto Madero and downtown and be astonished at the sight of an eternal flame below a painting of the mythical figure of Eva Perón that adorns one corner building.
  10. Walk the streets of Buenos Aires, just choose a street and walk….walk slow.

If you want to fall in love with Buenos Aires, or already are in a passionate affair with this city, I will be releasing a series of e-books that I’m labeling the Walking Buenos Aires series. Each e-book also will be available in a print format for those of you who prefer your books on paper. The first volume will be out soon. Stay updated on this series by heading over to and leaving your email address.

Walking Buenos Aires