Google Earth is a fun way to waste time or to explore the world. It’s fun to do a flyover of your neighborhood and spot your house and all sorts of things. I noticed yesterday on Google Earth Hacks that someone posted an overlay of the subway system, street maps, and even some 3D buildings of Buenos Aires:

BA-google-earth-3dBA-google-earth-3d Hosted on Zooomr

Provided by GEC member, “ezegalottiarg25”:
His words on the file:
“This is the entire Federal district of Buenos Aires with complete highway system, the main roads (with minor corrections from the previous “buenos aires main roads) and all of the remainding roads in the city. This file includes a large 3d portion of the downtown area and main buildings in Buenos aires. It also includes the entire subway system of buenos aires (current subway plus future plans and building of subway). This also includes the division of neiborhoods in Buenos aires. This file has alot of 3d buildings with rich characteristics created with google earth polygons and also has some of the buildings and structures that are currently in construction in the downtown area.”

I’m not yet a big fan of 3D buildings in Google Earth and I usually just turn off that option but it’s something to monitor. I certainly don’t think that the new buildings in Puerto Madero represent the best architecture in Buenos Aires. Anyway, it’s a start in the 3D modeling of Buenos Aires for Google Earth. I suspect there will be more of this in the future.