I ran across an interesting series of postings Michael Alvarez, a professor of political science at Cal Tech, who observed last October’s election in Argentina, particularly a pilot project for e-voting. It’s an interesting series of readings:

Buenos Aires e-voting pilot project

Election observation in Buenos Aires — understanding the process

Initial impressions of Buenos Aires e-voting pilot project: physical security (I didn’t realize until reading this about the involvement of the military in Argentine elections).

Testing, testing, testing; the Buenos Aires pilot project

Qualitative evaluation of Buenos Aires e-voting pilot project available, includes a link to an 11 page report in PDF.

Voting Machine Prototypes Put to Test in Argentina, from electionline.org.

I went with Ceci last October when she voted. From what I saw, the voting process went very smoothly. Then again, in comparison, I remember voting with the now infamous punch card ballot in south Florida during the 2000 election disaster and in 2004 with the e-voting devices where it seemed like most of the poll workers had no idea how the devices worked. South Florida is a place that really needs election observers!