Saw this drawing on the side of an abandoned building on the Argentine coast. I’m told that it’s rather funny to anyone familiar with Argentine pop culture. (Indeed, I think a book about Argentine pop culture would be a best seller to the growing expat community).

Here’s an attempt at an explanation (readers: please feel free to elaborate):

Pancho Dotto is the name of a guy who runs the leading modeling agency in Buenos Aires, Dotto Models. From his photos Pancho Dotto seems to be one of those media celebrities with a lot of dark hair and fancy suits. A pancho is also slang for a hot dog (see photo).

Isabel Sarli is an Argentine movie actress from the 1960s and 1970s, mostly known for her nude scenes. You occasionally can catch one of her old movies on late night cable TV here in Buenos Aires where she surely will be swimming around on her back. (Here she is in the April 1960 Playboy). She was nicknamed la Coca. Why? Her addiction to Coca-Cola or because her body was shaped like an old-fashioned Coca-Cola bottle? (see photo).

– For readers not familiar with Pancho Dotto, here’s a photo I saw this weekend of him in his usual environment: