Over the last month as I’ve been walking down Defensa in San Telmo I’ve felt that something was different, something was missing, but I couldn’t quite figure it out. Then I remembered that there was once an intriguing blue wall with some wonderful lettering on one street corner. Where did it go? Was I just missing it? I kept walking up and down Defensa trying to figure out the spot. Then I realized that there was this new Calma Chicha store in San Telmo with an exterior wall that suspiciously looked freshly painted.

calma chicha in palermo telmo

Welcome to Palermo Telmo ….. Things change. That’s the importance of photographs and documenting the city as it is now. I went through my own photo archive to see if I had a pic of the old corner. I always had intended to take a photo of it but evidently never did. But surely someone had done so. Thus I searched through Flickr for photos tagged San Telmo. After browsing more than 1,500 photos (!) I came across this photo. Thank you Salim Virji for noticing this mural.

San Telmo mural