Cecilia and I had a late night out Saturday visiting with friends. When we came back to the apartment at 3am, the door to the apartment was pushed open. (The entrance to the apartment is from the top floor terrace of the building). We stood there for a minute, looking around, trying to determine what to do. Concerned about the possibility of encountering someone hiding on the inside, I didn’t feel good about walking into the apartment. I decided that we should go down to the street to see if we could find a policeman.

There is usually a policeman standing on the corner of our block, but tonight there wasn’t. We waited around to see if a police car would cruise by but no such luck. We remembered that there was a police station about four blocks away on Garay, so we walked there. When we told the police the situation with the apartment, they were very quick to respond.

Five police officers jumped into two cars and drove us to the apartment. It’s the first time that I had been in the back of one of those tiny police cars that they use here in Buenos Aires but, I have to say, those little cars move pretty fast.

We got to the building. One policeman stayed on the street and the other four went into the building. Cecilia and I followed them up the steps, no elevator here. At the top landing we noticed that the police had their pistols drawn. We stayed back while three of the policemen went inside the apartment; the other cop stayed out on the terrace in front of us by the door.

They searched the place and found no bad guys. We went inside and checked for the valuables and everything was where we left it, so we evidently didn’t experience a break-in afterall. Even though the door wasn’t closed, it was locked so we’re not sure how it came open. Maybe it was just the wind, but it remains a mystery.

I must say that I am impressed with the response of the Buenos Aires police. I didn’t expect that they would send out so many officers but they were concerned and professional. When it turned out to be nothing, they were courteous and didn’t seem at all bothered that we had asked them to come up to the apartment. It’s nice to have a positive experience with the police.