The architects of Buenos Aires have left some of the most vivid impressions on the surface of this city. Stunning facades and architectural details are among the primary characteristics that create the beauty of Buenos Aires. The parks and plazas planned by landscape architects form yet another component of the city’s grace.

A brief architectural guide (pdf) provided by the city government of Buenos Aires offers this description:

Over the homogeneous grid of blocks and lots of Buenos Aires, the most varied and exotic architectures have been placed as layers, alternating the buildings of the original inhabitants and the signs of the different immigrant waves. Something of colonial architecture, the most varied historicisms, modernisms, architecture from the modern movement (specially a must-see collection of rationalists buildings), and good contemporary architecture alternates generating the most curious contrasts.

And for years Robert has been delighting us with descriptive, photo-filled posts about the architects of Buenos Aires, such as his latest on Pirovano. But Robert is packing his bags and moving off. At least we can look forward to learning about the architecture of Sydney and Lisbon!

Meanwhile, for fans of Buenos Aires architecture, Alejandro Machado has been creating a series of tributes to the architects of Buenos Aires (these sites are very image heavy and may be slow to load but are well worth the wait, just don’t try to open the pages all at once):