Okay, this has nothing to do with Buenos Aires……

I’m occasionally asked about good, cheap, affordable, low-cost hosting for Web sites. There are a lot of providers out there on the market. Before establishing this site, I did a lot of research on various hosting companies and ultimately selected site5. I’ve been with site5 for over two years and have never had a problem. So, site5 is the web hosting company that I recommend.

The backend controls and tools to manage your site5 account are very nicely designed and easy to use. The company has an active forum for technical support and other issues. Many people know that I’m a librarian but may not realize as a librarian I managed Internet technologies for 15 years and was a Unix sysadmin, so I have very high standards for a Web host. I have no plans to change from site5 at anytime.

Site5 always runs a lot of special pricing on new plans. I was lucky enough to get a plan a few years back that offered unlimited bandwidth. Yeah!! That plan is no longer available but they have a great new plan that is only $5 a month for 110 GB storage, 5 TB bandwidth, and that allows you to host up to 110 domains.

This is NOT a sponsored post. I’m just a happy customer. Okay, there are affiliate codes in those links to site5, so I get some coin if you sign-up but I really am very pleased with the service of site5.

…..we can return to talking about Buenos Aires now.