Sounds of tango in the air

Sitting at my desk today I’ve been hearing the voices of tango singers floating up towards my 7th floor balcony. With hundreds of other apartments visible from my window I assumed a neighbor had taken on a new obsession & had started a practice of playing the stereo extremely loud. Eventually a slight tone made me realize that this was no recording but live music. How I’ve not kept up with the happenings around town. The annual tango festival is taking place. A quick visit to the city’s website revealed that the focus of today’s events are at the amphitheater in Parque Centenario. The entrance to the theater is a direct line of sight from my balcony. If I didn’t have some very pressing matters at work then I would hop over to the festival. Meanwhile, I’m listening to music from afar. It’s quite enjoyable to have the sounds of live tango drifting into your Buenos Aires apartment.

El Histórico in San Telmo

Last Friday for the May 25 holiday we ventured out to San Telmo (how I miss living there) to dine at El Histórico. (I forgot to bring a camera.) We enjoyed the food very much & the building is fascinating. It deserves an entire post all about the place, but I don’t have time for that now. Meanwhile, here’s an article about restaurante El Histórico with photos & video from

Mila (who is 17 months old today) enjoyed it, also. We went early & were actually the only customers in the restaurant for most of the time. Who eats dinner in Buenos Aires at 8pm?! Well, that’s helpful when out with a very young child. Since we had the whole place to ourselves, I carried Mila in my arms and showed her around. She pointed out a lot of different artefacts & asked questions in her soft, babbling baby voice.