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Update: Walrus books now has a Web site, go to www.walrus-books.com.ar

Walrus Books, my favorite English language bookstore in Buenos Aires, has just opened their new store in San Telmo. I had the pleasure today of being the first customer in their new location at Estados Unidos 617, near the corner of calle Per̼, opened Tuesday thru Sunday, 10am Р8pm.

Formerly operating out of their apartment in Palermo, Geoffrey and his wife are still in the process of stocking the new store but soon expect to have a selection of about 1,500 books. The space is charming and cozy, a comfy place to spend time browsing among the shelves. The customer service is outstanding and Geoffrey can always recommend a good read.

Most of the books are used, so the prices are very good. There is a large selection of contemporary literary fiction, classic literature as well as mystery and suspense novels, along with solid offerings of Latin American literature translated into English. The traveler should know that Walrus Books also has some travel guides such as Lonely Planet.

If you’re a local then Walrus Books is definitely the place to buy your English language books. If you’re just visiting Buenos Aires, then Walrus Books is a good place to stop in and buy a book for those lengthy bus trips or that long plane ride back home.

This sounds like an advertisement, I know. But it’s just an unsolicited endorsement from a happy customer. Indeed, their new store is dangerously close to where I live… need to adjust my budget, less bife and more books.

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  1. Henri Beauregard on

    I was a big fan of the previous location and was a bit nervous to see the rusults of the move, but it’s a great store and well worth the visit, especially in a city where (strangely) it is so difficult to find a good selection of books in English.

  2. victoria on

    Hi please could you tell me if they have a telephone
    number and if they can get you some titles via amazon.com, for instance? I live 65 km from Buenos Aires and before visiting them I need to know this. Thanks a lot

  3. carly bachman on

    Could anyone tell me how best to contact Geoff? He is a long lost friend of my boyfriend and I. last saw him in bolivia as we parted ways, we to brazil, he back to argentina to fall in love and get married. anyone have his email?????

  4. Joe Harrison on

    Walrus Books is the very best place to purchase books written in English in Buenos Aires, especially if you would like to read something other than the usual run-of-the-mill pulp fiction that is sold by the other bookstores here in Buenos Aires. I like to visit regularly and hope that his store continues to be successful.

  5. Ricky M. on

    I spent last weekend in BA and finally got the opportunity to know this lovely bookstore. I don´t know why I expected to find some place big, but instead it is very small!! Anyway, the selection of books is good and most of the prices are affordable. So I finally added this place to the short list of nice bookstores which I go round when I am in Buenos Aires.
    And Jeff: you don’t need to give up our delicious bifes, because they work close together with books to nourish body and soul.

  6. Esteban on

    Iam looking for this book whether new or used:
    NEW PROFICIENCY GOLD coursebook by Newbrook, Longmann.
    thanks for the information

  7. colin mullins on

    my email is cmmullins1s@yahoo.com
    someone know how to get a hold of geoff?
    I’m the aforementioned boyfriend of carly and as we now live on the other side of the Andes, we would like to track down geoff before we go to BA and knock on his door. Certainly not above this though, but any help would be appreciated. Geoff if you get this, we’re sorry we skipped your wedding. I know, we are terrible people, so I owe you a drink. They got any tequilla in BA?

  8. LEONARD Forchetti on

    Hi, im a avid reader of science fiction and planing to move from Mississippi to BA and have a sister in BA she dropped at your place of bussines but just to find that you where away, any how willyou be so caind to let me know your e-mail adress Thankyou Lenny

  9. Jeff on

    @Leonard: at the top of this page you’ll see a link to the Walrus Books website. Click on that and you’ll find their email address. And for good measure, here’s the link: Walrus Books.

    Happy reading!

  10. Federico on

    Does anyone have a copy of The Honorary Consul by Graham Greene they wouldn’t mind selling/parting with?

  11. Jeff on

    @Federico: Have you checked Kel? Online they list The Honorary Consul as being in stock at a price of 53 pesos.

  12. manuel on

    do you anyone know where i can by ROWAN THE STRANGE by JULIE HEARN on BS.AS city? i would be very pleasure if someone know it.

  13. Chad on

    I’m in BS as with a three year old and need to expand his travel library before heading off for several months in less cosmopolitan environs on Friday. Any recommendations gratefily received. Gracias.