Free E-Book on Buenos Aires

I’ve prepared a free e-book on Buenos Aires pulled from the archives of my blog. The e-book is 57 pages. There is still a lot more content in the archives that did not make it to the e-book. I have at least 150 more pages of content that easily could be converted to book form. If there’s enough interest, then I might do that.

Buenos Aires free e-book

The e-book is not just a reformat of the archives. The material has been edited and arranged in a different order than the archives. Many of the posts reflect a specific part of my time in Buenos Aires and I tried to retain that perspective in the e-book for those sections. In many ways, think of the e-book as the first few chapters of a much longer work. The rest is in the archives and might someday come to book form. Plus, I still have a lot more to write about Buenos Aires.

20 comments on “Free E-Book on Buenos Aires

  1. Jeff on

    Robert – Yep, all for free. I was thinking this format would be easier for some to go back and read parts of the archives they might have missed before.

    Cherie – The roofline logo, layout, and graphics were all done by Ceci. I’m certainly no designer.

  2. MH on

    Thanks Jeff for the e-book. I do like your writing style and tone – there is this understated Zen like calmness to it.

  3. Carol on

    Found all your info really useful. One thing,hope you don’t mind – we are hoping to visit BA in September this year and would like to find a old style hotel – equivalent of 4 star but not a holiday inn type. Can you recommend any – we want to walk everywhere possible so would need to be fairly central. We’re in 60 age group. Would really appreciate your reply. Many thanks

  4. Jeff on

    Hi Carol,

    Thanks for your comment. Let me put on my “thinking cap” about a possible hotel and I’ll get back to you.

  5. Emily on

    wow. incredible stumble of mine to find your blog and the ebook. i’m in awe. with stacks of student work to grade, i have instead made a hot mug of mate cocido and settled down to read every post you have written. much better way to spend a monday night! only 4 months to go until i can return to bs as…

    keep up the great blog. te felecito, yet at the same time, curse you as i wonder if i will ever do any work again at night?


  6. rolando díaz-pérez on

    Congratulations. Measured, thoughtful, and understated writing about real cultural issues and events related to this wonderfully fascinating and thoroughly exasperating megalopolis. A very nice change of pace from most ex-pat blogs which focus on tired, mundane, tourist-oriented topics. ¡Felicitaciones y gracias!… from an asunceno (Asunción del Paraguay)