An E-book Guide to 4 Perfect Days in Buenos Aires

Visiting Buenos Aires & looking for what to do?

This guide presents one way of experiencing Buenos Aires, the way I recommend to my own friends on their first visits. A wealth of activities exists in Buenos Aires and in 4 days you can only sample the best things to do. This e-book is simply a way for me to share some of my own approaches to the city.

If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad then you will want to get the app version of the e-book. The app is free and available on the iTunes app store.

Cover of 4 Perfect Days in Buenos Aires
4 Perfect Days in Buenos Aires is available as a beautifully designed PDF e-book that you can download now for planning your trip.

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How do you fall in love with a city?

A place beckons you with some nostalgic, romanticized notion, a South American capital with European charm, the passion of music and words pulsing through the people who call it home. You yearn for moments that will remain with you, memories more fragile than photographs, times that stay, linger through your mind years later when you’re cooking dinner, relaxing on your back porch, or browsing in a store. Once you experience this city, Buenos Aires is a part of you forever.

The 4 Perfect Days in Buenos Aires e-book provides you with an itinerary so that you know on which places to focus your time.

What you’ll find out in the book

  • A plan for spending 4 wonderful days in Buenos Aires
  • Info about transport from airport
  • Suggestions for places to eat
  • A list of more than 20 picture-perfect spots, some of which are in no other guidebook about the city
  • Plenty of photos to help you visualize the city
  • Covers all major sections of the city: Barrio Norte/Recoleta, Downtown, La Boca, Palermo, & San Telmo
  • Locations of charming and memorable cafés for that perfect Buenos Aires experience
  • Suggestions for how to spend extra days if you’re staying longer

A peek inside the e-book

Get 4 Perfect Days in Buenos Aires now!

32 comments on “An E-book Guide to 4 Perfect Days in Buenos Aires

  1. Nancy on


    It would be handy for me if you made this available to Amazon so I could download it to my Kindle which will come loaded to BsAs in July. I am sure I would not be the only one.


  2. Noel on

    Just bought the book – its amazing – I am leaving to Buenos Aires today for 16 days and have done weeks of research for a school project I will be doing there and this book does a great job of being concise and comprehensive…

    Great Buy!!!

  3. Patrick on

    Great book – thanks! I was in BA for a week in August. Wish I’d had it then. It’s a terrific introduction to a wonderful city.

  4. Dawne on

    Hi Jeff,Is the book available in print yet (and if so in uk ) as we are visiting 17th -26th Nov (25th wedding anniversary) and would like to have it by then.
    Read 30 things to do—great and the history you wrote that can be downloaded -Brilliant. Thanks

  5. Jeff on

    Hi Dawne, No the book is the only available as an e-book. But with the ebook comes a section that can easily be printed for carrying with you.

    Have a great trip. Happy anniversary!

  6. matilde on

    Jeff, you should visit El Zanjon de Granados. It´s a restored house built in 1830. A river ran beneath the house and you can walk through the tunnels. It´s really interesting. check the website! Thanks

  7. Tania on

    Hi Jeff, I just bought this book- its perfect for my first trip to Argentina- where i have exactly 4 days in Buenos Aires to start off!
    I noticed you mention that packaged with the ebook is a condensed section for printing? can you explain which section as i cant seem to find it.

  8. Jeff on

    Hi Tania, Thanks for buying the ebook! In the zip file that you download when you purchased the book are two pdf files: one is the full-color ebook & the other pdf is a text-only version of the ebook. It’s the text-only version that is good for printing.

  9. Jeff on

    @Doug: if you can view a PDF on the iPod Touch, then you can view my ebook on it. (Eventually I plan to have a non-PDF version for mobile devices and Kindles but not yet.)

  10. Anushka on

    While I am searching for quality sites, about expat, then I have found this blog. It is very much attractive, informative, blog. It’s picture also very good. Usable picture also very good. Thanks for nice posting.

  11. Janet & Chad on

    WOW great book- we are leaving the 8th of April and returning to the US the 19th of April…. just what we needed…
    Thanks and any new updates, suggestions or good info is greatly welcome!
    Janet & Chad
    US, Texas

  12. Jeff on

    Hi Janet & Chad,

    Thanks for good words about the book. I am working on updates but not sure when that will be ready. Keep an eye on this blog for more info. Enjoy your trip to Buenos Aires!

  13. Jalene Rogers on

    Headed to BA with my husband & 9 month old baby for a business trip/vacation for 17 days. I am so glad I found your ebook.
    It took me a little extra time but I printed out in color all 33 pages because the pictures are beautiful and add so much. Then I laminated them together 1, 2&3 back to back, etc. and made my own book. It turned out great and now we can take it with us without the pages getting ruined.

  14. Jeff on

    Hi Jalene,

    Thanks so much for buying the e-book. So cool you found a way to have the full color e-book in print & portable.

    Have a great trip to BA!

  15. Den on

    Hi Jeff

    I’ve just paid for the ebook using paypal… Where is the Download link for it? Thanks so much and I’m really looking forward to visiting Buenos Aires.

    Gracias chico!

  16. Jeff on

    Hi Den,

    You should have received an email with the download link.

    Thanks for buying the ebook & have a great visit to Buenos Aires!

  17. Jeff on

    @David: the book is still only available as an e-book. I do also have an app version of the book for iPhone. But no print version yet.

  18. karin on


    Loved what I saw ! have a look at my blog ( and soon to be website ), and was wondering if you were planning a section on boutique hotels?


  19. Michelle on

    I assume this will work on a Kobo e-reader? Is there any way to see a sneak preview of your book before I purchase it?
    Thanks…off to BA next week.

  20. Jeff on

    Hi Michelle,

    It’s a PDF, not in epub ebook format. I’m not sure how Kobo handles PDF. So it might not work on Kobo. Sorry.