Visiting Buenos Aires & looking for what to do?

This guide presents one way of experiencing Buenos Aires, the way I recommend to my own friends on their first visits. A wealth of activities exists in Buenos Aires and in 4 days you can only sample the best things to do. This e-book is simply a way for me to share some of my own approaches to the city.

If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad then you will want to get the app version of the e-book. The app is free and available on the iTunes app store.

Cover of 4 Perfect Days in Buenos Aires
4 Perfect Days in Buenos Aires is available as a beautifully designed PDF e-book that you can download now for planning your trip.

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How do you fall in love with a city?

A place beckons you with some nostalgic, romanticized notion, a South American capital with European charm, the passion of music and words pulsing through the people who call it home. You yearn for moments that will remain with you, memories more fragile than photographs, times that stay, linger through your mind years later when you’re cooking dinner, relaxing on your back porch, or browsing in a store. Once you experience this city, Buenos Aires is a part of you forever.

The 4 Perfect Days in Buenos Aires e-book provides you with an itinerary so that you know on which places to focus your time.

What you’ll find out in the book

  • A plan for spending 4 wonderful days in Buenos Aires
  • Info about transport from airport
  • Suggestions for places to eat
  • A list of more than 20 picture-perfect spots, some of which are in no other guidebook about the city
  • Plenty of photos to help you visualize the city
  • Covers all major sections of the city: Barrio Norte/Recoleta, Downtown, La Boca, Palermo, & San Telmo
  • Locations of charming and memorable cafés for that perfect Buenos Aires experience
  • Suggestions for how to spend extra days if you’re staying longer

A peek inside the e-book

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